Sexy Interview and Hot Contest!

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaToday, I am one lucky girl.  Not only do I get to officially launch the OhMiBod vibrator giveaway going until Valentines Day, but I have my long waiting interview with the lovely lady who invented the OMB vibrator!  Now, everyone knows that I absolutely adore a woman who is strong with vision to promote female sexuality.  So…without hesitation, I present my interview with Suki of OhMiBod!  (Hey…don’t forget to register below to win our Valentines Day OhMiBod Vibrator!). 


  1. Where did you get the inspiration for the OMB vibrator?
    Several years ago for Christmas, I received from my husband my two favorite ” stocking stuffers” of all time…my iPod mini and a vibrator.  My husband traveled a lot at the time and bought me the vibe to keep me “happy” during his long trips away.  I realized that I used my iPod and vibe together quite often.  In general, music and sex have gone together for eons.  I started to think about what a big part music plays in our sex lives and what a huge role it plays in setting a mood.  Bringing sex and music together in a toy seemed like it would be a killer combination and create a truly unique sexual experience…a dual sensory experience.  I also like the role music plays in transporting you to a different place mentally so that you are more relaxed and open to pleasuring yourself.  All that combined with that fact that I am a gadget girl and a former Apple employee lead to the creation of OhMiBod.
  2. What products work best with the OMB vibrator?
    OhMiBod music vibes are tuned to work best with iPod(R) products.  We focused our testing and the setting of the volume “sweet spot” where the vibe is most reactive to the music to the iPod, since Apple owns roughly 85% of the mp3 player market.  Apple is the clear leader in the market and they create beautiful products. We wanted our vibe to be connected to their stellar creations.
  3. What is on your playlist for your OMB vibrator?
    Actually…if you have iTunes, you can go to the iMix section on the store and search under OhMiBod.  There you will find all kinds of OhMiBod playlists that various users have created to share with others.  I have posted one titled “Sunday Morning Mix”.  It includes artists like Van Morrison, Johnny Land and Dave Matthews.
  4. Do you have a favorite OMB product or an OMB product that you are particularly excited about?
    I just love our music vibes.  It is really fun to create playlists that give you a different sensual experience every time you switch to a new song.
  5. Is there a special way to care for or clean your OMB vibrator?
    Not really.  We advise our customers to use mild soap and water, but to be careful not to get water near the vibe’s electronics or motor.  Our product is not submersible.  I personally like Afterglow wipes.  They make clean-up quick and easy.
  6. Any methods that work best for using an OMB vibrator?
    Everyone  is so different.  Some of us are out-ies and some are in-ies…just do what feels best.
  7. Any information about yourself?
    I am a married woman with two children.  Starting OhMiBod was my entry back into the business world, after a hiatus to raise my small children. It has been a lot of fun and I am excited by the positive response we have received from our customers.  They truly love what we’ve created and that makes me happy.

  sex toys vibrators masturbationIT IS SOOOO TIME! 

Get in on the contest!  OhMiBod is ready to give away another OMB vibrator for Valentines Day to one lucky lady!


  • Women only to enter or win. 
  • To enter, I want to leverage the knowledge of this community.  This mean,  to enter, your comment has to tell us about your favorite sexy tip, trick, or erotic fantasy!          


Last, but not least:  Would love a link back to the contest (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT….remember, its about sharing info!), but it is not required.

Contest will end on Valentines Day.  If you won the first time, you can enter (to share information), but you cant win!  😉

Ok….get those sexy thoughts in gear to win an OhMiBod Ipod vibrator!  ~~Dee

25 thoughts on “Sexy Interview and Hot Contest!

  1. Seriously? no one is posting for this? I’ve been anxious to try this but after getting an Audi-Oh and having it break the first or second time I used it… I’ve been nervous to spend the money on this.

    So sign me up! Hmmm what to share… I’ve always wanted to have outdoor sex during a summer thunderstorm – and at one point even had been emailing with someone online about meeting up to have sex in a graveyard!

    Real life worries about meeting someone in a secluded area won out over fantasies but fantasize I do, in the safety of my home. And I do plan on making this happen at some point with someone I know and trust ;o)

  2. Sabinemoss–I have done the summer thunderstorm! I completely suggest that one. Your whole body lights up with the electricity…hair, skin….it crackles. And the flashes of light are surreal mixed with the rain! Good luck with the Graveyard…if you do it, then let us know! You are entered.~~Dee

  3. Selena and SabineMoss (and anyone else who wants to play!)–Ladies, I believe there is a group post here about the graveyard. Anyone want to take up a challenge with me and do a posting thread. That would be….one of us starts the post….passes it to the next one who writes some…pass it to the next one. I am willing to start it….Any takers??~~Dee

  4. My tip: I sometimes drop extremely explicit non-sequiturs into the course of normal conversations. You’d be surprised by how quickly you can get a man’s attention when you’re just lounging around watching C-Span and talking about the weather, and you tell him in great and shameless detail exactly what dirty little thought just popped into your head that second. “Yeah, I think I heard we’re going to get rain this weekend. And speaking of wet… I want you to [insert personal details here].” Unless you’re in public, he won’t be able to get naked fast enough. Helps break the routine you can get into when you’ve been with someone a long time.

  5. I don’t really have a fantasy, which my husband claims makes me a weirdo.

    For years my husband kept dropping hints that he would love to walk in and “catch” me using my favorite toy. Now, I don’t really get that because I use it with him often and he can watch to his heart’s delight. Apparently it is different to catch me unsuspecting “in the act.” WTFever. Sometimes I just need a quickie five minutes. I don’t necessarily want to turn it into an event. Ya know? I am a woman who enjoys sex. I am not ashamed of that.

    For him however, one night, we went to dinner and I didn’t wear any panties. I was wearing a short skirt and flashed him as I got out of the truck. After dinner, we went driving around. I scooted away from him and pulled out my Rabbit and got comfy on the front seat of his truck. Just out of his reach. I proceeded to play with myself while he was trying to watch me and the road at the same time. We were on the freeway so he couldn’t just pull over and Phoenix traffic is heavy day and night. The thrill of passing trucks and cars who might catch a glimpse of what was going on was very hot. I wouldn’t let him touch me and I was doing my thing thrashing about, moaning and groaning and by the time we got home, we didn’t make it into the house. We were lucky to shut the garage door. So my tip, surprise him ladies (even pushing yourself in the process) and he will worship you even more.

  6. My tip? Share your fantasies with your lover. Make them come true when you can, role play when you can’t.

    To prove that I’ve put my money where my mouth is, the attached fantasy is one that was written by my husband from his perspective, but based on one we had discussed and fucked to many times. And, it was written to tease one of our female lovers.

    My wife, Victoria, and I own a camp lot in a lightly populated area near here. Despite the fact that few people live nearby, the road past our lot is a main road north and south, and is quite busy. Our spot is hidden from traffic, but is only a few yards off the road, and is accessed by an overgrown drive. Most people don’t even notice it.

    A few years ago, we had decided to go there and set up our tent and chill for the weekend. We had deliberately failed to invite any of our friends, intending to spend the weekend alone hiking, fishing and engaging in some hanky panky. Not necessarily in that order. Little did we know that the hanky panky portion was going to take on a dimension that we could never have imagined.

    We got there early in the evening and set up our tent. I set about building a fire while Victoria set up our portable picnic table and started to get out the food and stuff we’d need for the evening. About dark, we were sitting near the fire having a beer and waiting for the fire to burn down to coals so we could cook the thick steaks we were going to have for supper.

    A slight commotion behind us caused us both to turn and look down the drive. A tall young man was approaching us on a touring bicycle. His bike was loaded down with gear, indicating to us that he was traveling alone and not with a touring service. “I’m sorry” he said “I didn’t expect to see anyone in here.” He explained that he had camped there the year before, and that he only needed a place to stay until daylight, as he would be headed out as soon as he could see. He apologized again and began to turn his bike around, saying that he would look for another spot up the road a ways.

    My wife and I glanced at each other. She shrugged a bit and motioned toward a grassy spot just beyond our fire. “Why don’t you just stay here” I called after him. “ We’ve got plenty to eat, better than whatever freeze-dried crap you’re carrying” He looked a bit hesitant, but it was getting dark and he apparently didn’t relish the thought of getting run over by a log truck while looking for a place to crash. “If you don’t mind, I’d like that he said”.

    We pointed out the spot where we figured he’d be most comfortable, and he pushed his bike over and set up his camp. It was obvious he’d done it before. In about ten minutes he’d set up a little three-sided bivy tent, laid out an inflatable pad and a sleeping bag and changed his shoes and socks from the bike-clip shoes he’d had on to a pair of sneakers. Meanwhile, I’d grabbed a knife and re-portioned the food we were preparing. It really wasn’t much bother, as we had way more than we were likely to eat anyway.

    I asked him if he’d like a beer. He declined, explaining that he didn’t drink, but admitted to having a mighty hankering for the meat and potato salad were setting out. I sized him up a bit as he sat across from us and didn’t notice anything extraordinary. He was wearing an oversized MIT sweatshirt and a baseball cap. He explained that he had graduated in the spring and was taking one last New England bicycle trip before spending two years in the Peace Corp. His name was Seth, and we learned that he was twenty-five years old, single, and from Minnesota, but he was awfully busy wolfing down supper and didn’t really say much. He appeared to be a little over six feet tall and a bit thin, maybe 165 pounds or so. He was a clean-cut young fellow, not the sort of guy you would give a second glance to most of the time.

    He thanked us for the food and mentioned that he remembered the small stream not far behind our camp. He said that he was going to go there and wash the days road dust off before he hit the hay. He stood and pulled his sweatshirt over his head. And that was when we first saw his cock. Under the sweatshirt he was wearing a one-piece spandex bicycle outfit. That skin-tight fabric showed the outline of a cock larger than either of had ever imagined existed. The huge balls were on one side of his crotch, and on the other his thick pecker hung so far down his leg it looked as if it might peek out the bottom.

    He grabbed a bag from his stuff and wandered into the woods in the direction of the water. As he disappeared my wife looked at me and said, “Did you see that?” I knew what she meant and just nodded, still lost in amazement. I’m straight, but you couldn’t miss it, and you just don’t see that every day.

    By the time he returned we had cleaned up the supper mess and stoked the fire into a tall, warm blaze. We were sitting on logs beside it when he walked past, thanked us again and headed for his little bunk. We think that he knew our eyes were focused on his crotch, but now he was wearing sweatpants, and things weren’t quite so obvious. We said goodnight to him and snuggled closer, enjoying the fire and the beautiful night.

    We sat quietly, listening to the night. We were lost in our own thoughts, but as it turned out, we were thinking very similar thoughts. It had only been fifteen minutes or so since Seth had retired when Victoria quietly said to me “I wonder how big it is hard.” I didn’t answer for a minute. Wasn’t sure what to say, even though I knew what I wanted. She and I had married young, and never had anyone else, but I had been imagining her with this guy, and wanted to see it. “I think you should find out,” I said. We talked a little more, and agreed that she should jerk him off, and suck him if she could. And, since I wouldn’t be able to see that well, she had to tell me all about it after. I would have liked to be closer, but we thought that he was probably to shy to come out for it and she would have to seduce him right where he lay.

    She kissed me and I could feel her trembling. I hadn’t seen her this horny and nervous at the same time, ever. Horny or nervous, yes, but not both. She stood, took a couple deep breaths, and walked toward his shelter. His tent was a lightweight affair, open along one side and adequate to keep the dew or a light rain off. This design made it easy for her to lie beside him, which she did. I couldn’t quite hear what she said to him, but could clearly hear his protests, which were based on the fact that I was nearby and was likely to kill him if they were caught. It took her a moment to calm him down and convince him that I knew and approved of what she wanted to happen. I moved around the fire so that the light was to my back, and leaned up against one of the large logs we had laid out for benches. I was reasonably comfortable, and could see quite well.

    Her back was to me, and she had settled comfortably into him, her head rested on his shoulder and one leg on his thigh. I could tell that her arm was moving around on his chest and belly, and soon he lifted his butt up off the mattress so she could pull his sweats down. He kicked them off of his ankles and wiggled out of his shirt. She settled back into her spot and continued to rub him, and now I was pretty sure she was concentrating on his cock. Her body hid his from me, but when she pointed his hardening cock upward, I could see it above her hips. I couldn’t see much, but enough to know that he was truly huge. I sat still, except for my hand, which had fished my cock out of my shorts and was slowly stroking it. I hadn’t been this hard in a long time, but was in no hurry to cum. I had no idea how this would end, but I was pretty sure that I was going to have to fuck her before she went to sleep and wanted to be ready.

    She masturbated him slowly, but relentlessly. She wasn’t teasing him, just priming him slowly, like she does to me when she wants a lot of cum. She sucked his nipples and ran her tongue into his ears and down his neck. Three times I saw him stiffen and gasp, but each time she let off a bit, calming him but setting him up to cum hard when she was ready. She really does give the worlds best hand jobs, and I’m betting that wherever he is today, he hasn’t forgotten it.

    And finally, she was ready. When he got close that fourth time, instead of slowing down, her hand continued it’s slow, steady stroking. She bent her head down onto his chest and I knew that she had put the head into her mouth. He arched his neck back, clawed at her shoulders and yelped, over and over. His orgasm went on for several seconds, and her head never left its position on the tip of that giant organ.

    When he had relaxed, she slowly picked her head up and gave him a peck on the cheek. Wordlessly, she rolled over, stood and walked back to me. The look on her face was one of pure satisfaction. Still without saying a word, she straddled my legs and knelt down onto my lap. With one hand she gently held the hair on the back of my head and used it to tilt my head up to her face. With her other hand she placed two fingers on my chin and opened my mouth. Her face was facing the fire, and several inches above mine. I didn’t really see her lips part, but a thin, shiny stream of cum slowly settled toward my open mouth. It was so thin and delicate it reminded me of a gossamer spider web. She allowed only that little bit to escape her lips; just enough to show me what she had done, as if I didn’t know. Breaking it off, she tilted her head back and swallowed the rest of it in two big gulps. Leaning back to me, she kissed me deeply, the musky smell of cum now on the breath of both of us.

    Breaking the kiss, she looked at me and said quietly “he’s enormous”. She kissed me again, leaned up a bit and spoke again, still barely above a whisper. “I’m going to let him fuck me.” We both knew that this kid had a once in lifetime cock, and I wanted her to have it, but I couldn’t help but notice that it wasn’t a question. Her mind was made up. “Ok” I said “But out here, where I can see”. She agreed, and went back to get him while I went to our tent to get out our foam mattress and the pillows. I laid them by the fire and turned to see her leading him back to us.

    When they got to me, she leaned over and told me that there was some lube in the dildo bag. We always bring some toys when we camp, so I went to the truck to get it. It wasn’t there. A quick look in the tent also failed to produce the familiar duffel bag that I was looking for. Of all the trips to forget it. I went back to find them lying together on the mattress, kissing and caressing each other. I told her that the lube hadn’t come with us. She thought for a moment and said “Then we’ll use your cum. You can jack off while I’m getting him hard again.” I had not intended to cum before they fucked, but this wasn’t for me, and she needed it. Slowly, I began to stroke my hard prick while she fondled Seth’s member.

    They talked while she worked on him. He was trying to warn her that it would be too painful, that the other girls he had tried it with hadn’t been able to enjoy it. Victoria reassured him that she wanted it badly, and told him that he was to give it to her hard. “I want every bit of you that will fit in me. But you need to know that I’m loud anyway, and sometimes I say “ouch” even on a normal sized cock. That doesn’t mean that you should stop.” He wanted to know how he would know when he should stop. “Only stop if my husband says to.” She said “He’ll know, I trust him, and you can too.”

    The conversation slowed as she sucked his nipples and pulled on his cock. It got harder and harder until it stood up off his belly even when she lost her grip on it. It was my first look at his fully erect cock, and the scale of it is hard to describe. Well over a foot long, the head lay closer to his nipples than his bellybutton. And as impressive as that was, the girth was simply mind-boggling. I looked around for something to compare it to. The beer cans on the table weren’t enough. The closest thing that I could see was the propane tank on our gas lantern. With two hands, she could barely touch her thumbs and index fingers around it. And it didn’t taper. The head was as big around as the shaft, which was as fat on one end as the other was. And now it was so very hard again.

    She looked at me and nodded that she was ready. I motioned her over to me, and jerked a little faster. She knelt in front of me, and when it was time she gently put her lips around my head and took my load in her mouth. She turned back to Seth, knelt over and gently dribbled much of my cum on his cock. The rest she spit into her hand and rubbed into her pussy. Turning onto her back, she reached over and tugged him in her direction. He got on all fours and moved over her. The head of that horse cock was poised over her crotch. He was hesitant, but she had her arms and legs around him and was silently urging him into her.

    I was at their feet, and could plainly see her pussy and his cock, and I wasn’t sure that he could fit. He pressed the head to her opening and pushed gently. The lips of her sex were stretched tight, but the head did wedge its way in. And slowly, more of the shaft moved into her. He stroked back and forth with as much as was in her, going deeper all the time. She was making quiet little grunting noises as new places in her were stretched to the limit. And finally no more could fit. There was still three or four inches not in her, but his stroking was now pushing her whole body back and forth on the mattress. He was moving in and out of her firmly, but slowly and carefully. She was having trouble breathing, and I began to see the signs of her first orgasm. Her arms and legs left him and began to flail gently on her side.

    Finally, her first orgasm hit her, and then another. They were little ones, only omens of the next few minutes, but I noticed that her kicking and his fucking motion were pushing her up on the mattress. Knowing that once she started to cum she wouldn’t want to stop and reposition, I moved up to the head of the mattress and placed my hands on her shoulders. In her face I saw the most primal need to be fucked. She was hurting, but not enough. Pressing her shoulders firmly down, I looked at Seth and said “Harder”. He opened his mouth to protest. “Harder” I repeated.

    He complied, picking up the pace and the pressure. And her orgasms grew in length and intensity as he did so. She started screaming between ragged breaths. And that is what finally set him off. Seeing her getting off so hard and so many times melted his ability to care about her pain. He pounded her hard and fast, the way us normal guys fuck a girl. Finally, he was fucking for himself, in a way that he had only been able to imagine. He was grunting and sweating and the constant pounding forced even more of that huge cock into her. She was screaming through every breath and thrashing so hard that I had to press my full weight onto her shoulders to keep her under him.

    Seth was a young, fit guy who had come once already. He went on and on, fucking her faster and harder every minute. Victoria couldn’t speak, but I could, and I urged him on loudly. “Come on, Man. Don’t stop, Dude. Fuck her.” I repeated over and over.

    Finally, his breath came ragged and he stopped his incessant pounding of her pussy. He pushed on her as hard as he could, clawing his way into her by gripping the mattress with his hands and digging his feet in and shoving so hard that his knees were off the pad. He held that way for a few seconds, and then began to spasm in her sore, bruised pussy. His cumming set her off hard. She screamed louder, but through teeth that were locked onto his bicep. She bit and clawed at him until he stopped pumping his cum into her.

    And then, it got very quiet. He relaxed and pulled gently out of her. He looked at me, a bit shell-shocked and confused as to what he should do. I nodded toward his tent and sent him away. We were done with him.

    I walked to our tent to grab our blankets. I threw a couple chunks of wood on the fire and lay down beside Victoria. As I pulled the blankets over us, she turned to me, focused on my face for just a second and whispered “Thank You” before settling into sleep.

  7. Norene–I could not agree with you more. Sharing a fantasy is a risk. It requires a certain amount of trust…I realize….but it is sooooo empowering. I get to do that alot, in this venue, because I write erotica. So, I needed to encourage other women to join me because the simple act of saying it aloud gives you strength. What you have written proves that! Thank you so much (and to your husband). Of course, you are entered and good luck!~~Dee

  8. Definitely sign me up to win. My ipod is ready to go. I’ve got some great music loaded on it as well. whew, getting excited thinking about it now.

    Sex tip? Share your fantasies and sex dreams with your partner. It turns them on, at least it turns my partner on.

    I wrote one of my lovely fantasies the other day and posted it on my site. It’s too long to post here but I will give you a link. Also…I have an erotica quickies page. I’ll give you that link too. Please, everyone feel free to visit my site. If you stop by, say hi. You can do so anywhere, from my pics pages to my posts. I respond as well.

    my fantasy:

    my erotica quickies:

  9. hehe I’ll play!

    Most of my biggest fantasies have come true in the past few months (see my blog…rawr…), but I do have a tip to share:

    Stop trying to play into his fantasies of what “perfect sex” is ans start playing into your own. I think most women are so focused on playing our men that we sometimes forget what they find sexiest: amazing female orgasms. So give him that big O. He wants to brag to his friends that he made you squirt, made you black out, made you beg for more.

    And the only way to do that is to have the kind of sex that you want most.

    I’m not saying don’t please your partner. It’s important to be in tune with one another…but focus on self-pleasure sometimes too. Tell him exactly what you want him to do you you…and how…and then lay back and enjoy it to the fullest.

  10. Rori–*virtual hugs and kisses!* You are so right. A man loves to feel like he can give his woman pleasure. They will take direction and love you for showing them how!! (and loved your site too! Adding you to the Erotica Tab so others can keep enjoying you! Good Luck!~~Dee

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