Oragasms and Vibrators: Cum to Me!

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaHere is your one and only reminder:  Starting tomorrow (if you make it to the bottom of this post…there is a bonus!), SexyWhispers and OhMiBod are getting together to make another lady lucky for Valentine’s Day! 

It is contest time…..OhMiBod Ipod vibrator for Valentines Day!


  • Women only to enter or win. 
  • To enter, I want to leverage the knowledge of this community.  This mean,  to enter, your comment has to tell us about your favorite sexy tip, trick, or erotic fantasy!


sex toys vibrators masturbationLast, but not least:  Would love a link back to the contest (LOVE LOVE LOVE IT….remember, its about sharing info!), but it is not required.

Contest will start tomorrow and end on Valentines Day.  If you won the first time, you can enter (to share information), but you cant win!  😉

Ok….get those sexy thoughts in gear to win an OhMiBod Ipod vibrator!  Oh….what the hell….it is “practically” midnight.  Enter now!  Let’s get this pleasure party STARTED!~~Dee

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