Girl Power is Sexy!

sex blog female erotica literotica pms healthThe Marine is from a small town outside of New Orleans that is the Bonfire Capitol of the World.  If you are wondering what that means, it means that, according to Cajun folklore (and I absolutely love their culture!), bonfires (about 12 to 15 ft. high) are built every year on the levy to light the way for Santa.

What does that mean in real time?  It means that men get together every year to pass on their heritage to their sons by building large wooden structures and sharing the flames of warmth on Christmas Eve night with every person around.  In short, in the true sense of Christmas, everyone comes with food, drinks, and music to share the dazzling sight of 50 bonfires lighting the way down the levy.

bonfire18.jpg           bf2.jpg

This year…2007…it changed.  As I was flipping through my Christmas vacation pictures, I remember these two pictures that I wanted to share.  You see, this year, for the first time in history, there was an all female bonfire crew.  And, in true sense of women celebrating “girl power,” they put a large pink ribbon and pink paint on the cross bars to show breast cancer awareness

Honestly, when I met these women who had built this monument to women everywhere, I glowed from the inside out just like the bonfire.  We hugged, talked, and shared (as women do)…I was proud to be among those celebrating this magic moment as Christmas arrived early this year.  Enjoy the pictures….and to the ladies of the “Puppies” crew…I am humbled and proud to have stood with you that night.~~Dee

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