Sex411: PMS…Oh please!

sex blog female erotica literotica pms healthHere the deal…a few months ago PMS Central ( approached me about doing some blogging for them and becoming their Community Manager.  In the back of my mind, I thought “yeah, right,” I sooooo want to talk about PMS all day.  But, as I started to really think about it, there is so much in the topic of PMS where I can do just what I do here on SexyWhispers!  I can talk about taboo things that will help women live a strong, empowered life.

You see, I don’t know a woman on the planet within the ages of 15-60 (ish) that does not suffer from some form of PMS every month.  And, equally, they suffer silently.  Instead of accessing the largest known database on the planet for information on what works and what does not work in a strong community of women, we just don’t talk about it at all.

Think about the way that you learned about PMS.  That one hour of health class where we were separated from the boys and handed a booklet to read with speeches about a “monthly friendly visitor.”  Yeah…most of us were probably more informed about sex and men.  It seems the ultimate betrayal of young women reaching womanhood and the women of today wanting not to loose huge chunks from their lives.  Focus here:  Millions of women….ever month…PMS!  And no one talks about it.

So, sex will always be my main cause!  But, if anything is going to change my life for a week a month over the next 40 years of my life, then I damn well want a chance to fight it!  What I love about PMS Central is the information that I did not know! 

Did you know….ginger cookies help you with cramps!  Hello…could someone not have said that sooner!

Of course, they have tons of free stuff like:

  • Email reminders for PMS so you can stock up on products or get away from the people that annoy you,
  • Articles that give you info about fighting PMS,
  • Forum to share information with other women,
  • PMS blog (which I am changing the posting format)
  • Expert Question Line from life coaches and doctors
  • Quiz to find out what type of PMS you have (there are types!!)
  • Monthly Contest for The Princess and the PMS: The Owners Manual
  • Coming Soon:  Product Reviews (SHHHH….dont tell anyone)
  • Extra Special Hint:  Video Series of Interviews on ways to help PMS symptoms


You can already see my influence on the homepage with the question:  Do you have less sex during PMS?  (My answer:  NO!…more)     *grin*

Ok…full disclosure….I am their Community Manager now.  This will not take away from my efforts here at SexyWhispers, but I think that I need to talk about PMS too…because it something women struggle with for most of their lives without help (sound familiar??).  That is sad because, as a community of women, we don’t have to struggle alone ever.  Visit me today at PMS Central ( and grab all the free stuff.  Register for the contest and let me know what you want to see.

Come on…I know you are not shy!  And no…I still don’t advertise off of the SexyWhispers blog, so please do not bombard me with products!  ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Sex411: PMS…Oh please!

  1. OMG!! You must have been reading my mind.. (hee..hee..) I realized at some point yesterday that the PMS monster had me in it’s clutches… Could have been the moment when I realized that I wanted rip the Sales Manager Bitch from Hell’s throat out and bathe in the spray of her arterial blood spurting….

    I dunno.. you think?? ha..ha.ha..

    Tell you what — they need something on that site about how “sometimes” one of the side effects of having your tubes tied is incredibly SUCKY cramps, periods and raging hormonal ups and downs.. yikes! 😉

  2. Kitty–Its like bad sex…everyone has been there. Only 30 days in a month….odds are good! Oh…I can always tell by extra heavy sex hormones. Usually when I write erotica too! And, I always have that reaction to Sales Bitches! ~~Dee

  3. It’s not the COOKIE, it’s the ginger IN the cookie… but I think a cookie is definitely an excellent way to ingest ginger! 😀

    Is anyone else practically psychic during PMS?? I swear I can read people’s minds… 😡

  4. Selena–Right! The ginger…but the cookies are a great way to enjoy it. There are some great candies too! Honestly, I feel that I am empathic most of the time. It moves into Ninja psychic during PMS. I look at people with that “dont you even do that” focus. We could be a deadly team! ~~Dee

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