If found…please return to: SexyWhispers

female erotica, literotica, sex blogs, sexIt is a mixture of sadness and happiness here in the *Cathouse.*  One of the great blog voices of our happy existence has decided to retire his blog.  He is a man of great insights and a wonderful friend.

As he feels that he has grown past the need for his blog, we respect his decision and wish him much love.  BUT, we will miss his soul and strength…the shoulder of a friend when needed.

He will never know how much he is missed…for 24 hours, in protest and in peace, the *Cathouse* will close our doors as we wish our friend farewell with the love, kisses, and well wishes owed to a decent man!

Even more tragic because he was one of the few male voices that made sense in the female community.

To quote CinnKitty, goodbye Mars Bar!  You are missed already!~~Dee

4 thoughts on “If found…please return to: SexyWhispers

  1. Teri–We already miss him, but the old addage about if you love someone…”well…we let him go” because everyone makes a choice to be here. Even if it is the wrong choice, they still get to make it. Peace and Cookies (with milk please) 😉 ~~Dee

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