Sexual Healing

female erotica, literotica, sex blogs, sexI can feel you there.   I know you are there before I even turn around to look.  The words roll through my head, “the SOUL is a recorder for your life.  It takes in all of the things that happen to you.”  Soaking up experiences like a towel trying to stop a dam from overflowing.   My soul is shaking with the stresses and frustrations of a day as head rat in the rat race.

The water rising…pushing against the every fiber of the towel, sloppy with the rising tide…the desire surfing on top just at the edge…clawing at my control.

Need strips through me with fingers of thrill begging for release… please. please. please…it chants in my head. No…no…not yet.

I don’t beg…I know I don’t have to and that makes me stronger.  I can sense you standing close waiting for that moment when I reach out to you.  I have to come to you.  We both know that.

The water is pooling at my feet as need turns into want…please. please. please…it chants in my head. No…no…not yet.

I am leaning against the door watching you undress from your day of work…maleness wrapped around tight muscles…the waters are sweeping through my senses.  I can smell you….taste you…..hear your breathing stutter…..release….return… time with my own.

We watch each other familiar with this dance of starvation and salvation….please. please. please…it chants in my head.

I can not draw in enough breath to say no…the waters overtaking me…my heart…my soul…and your strong hands reach in to save me. Again I am yours.~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Sexual Healing

  1. and this captures exactly WHY I could never be a lesbian. It’s that whole “maleness” aspect…it is so captivating, so overwhelming, so…so… yummy! 🙂

    Damn ~Dee….I think I need a cold shower now.

    How you holding up darlin’?


  2. Kitty–The Marine and My Favorite Scorpio have started a club for lesbians. They are both self proclaimed lesbians. As for me, I appreciate so much of the male experience.

    Holding up? I am holding up my end quite well. I mean…yeah, thats what I mean!! *grin*~~Dee

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