“Screw Me Over” Syndrome

sex blog female erotica literotica“Hey, give me your phone number,” it was more of a demand than a question.  My internal alerts are screaming as I watch him with my quiet control barely in check.

“Take a hike,” I silently willed the pretty little blonde to say.  No luck.

“Don’t you already have a girlfriend?” she inquired instead.

“Sure, but I wont always have a girlfriend,” he takes a pen out of his apron and puts it next to his order pad on the table.  “Go ahead, start writing,” he directs her again as I fight the urge to wipe that stupid smile off his face.

“Come on…,” I am screaming in my head.   I feel The Marines hand on my arm.  The energy must be radiating off of me like a nuclear explosion as she takes direction and starts to write her phone number.

Now, aside from the fact that we went down to Bourbon Street last night for a little adult celebration, I consider myself completely logical when I ask:  “Do some women just have a screw me over, giant red X on them or what?” 

Granted, I do some stupid stuff sometimes, like texting, emailing, or calling My Favorite Scorpio (especially if I have had a few mojitos) with crazy messages at strange times, but that is just part of the jeopardy of being my friend.

But, generally speaking, I watched as this pretty little blonde girl gave her phone number to a guy who was clearly telling her he had a girlfriend and he had no regard for either women.  I would love to say that I was astonished.  I really want to blame it on her age, but good self-esteem does not have an age limit.  And, honestly, I have seen women make the same choices repeatedly.

My only question is thus:  Are women so in need a man to validate their existence that they will accept the first sorry so of a bitch that shows a minute of interest enough to collect a phone number? 

I am all about risking myself on someone.  All in with full investment enough to get my heart crushed.  That is the way I operate.  But, I never—EVER—go in with a known disadvantage.  Maybe it is just the Marine Corps in me…but really…help me understand.  I just don’t.  ~~Dee

16 thoughts on ““Screw Me Over” Syndrome

  1. Yes, it is written on their heads. Right next to “I care more about what you think of me than what I think of me.”

    She gave him her number because if she didn’t, he might call her a bitch or a cunt. Which would mean he didn’t like her anymore. And that would be bad. 😦


    Why do we raise our daughters to be doormats? Why?

  2. Yea, I think some women do wear a big sign like that. And then they’ll whine about how men suck and how men are assholes, etc. Hello???? Did you or did you not open the door wide open and let it happen? pfffft.

    You can’t make someone behave correctly, but you *let* someone treat you badly.

    I will never ever understand it.

  3. Yeah, it’s women like that…they end up crying after saying why doesn’t he want me….not only that…it’s bad karma to steal someone else’s man….what comes around goes around and he’ll eventually cheat on her too.

  4. Butterfly–It is indeed bad karma…and not good for your health in many ways to constantly have a chic trying to scratch your eyes out! *smile* But, we as women can fix this in two ways. First, we dont engage with men when we know they are taken and, second, we turn on them instead of each other when we are cheated on without knowledge. LOUD AND CLEAR: If he is terribly mistreated (poor dear), then ask him to leave the woman who is abusing him so then call you. Not before! ~~Dee

  5. Actually — they deserve each other.

    She’s willing to accept that kind of behavior and he’s willing to give it. Perfect.. match made in heaven.

    Seriously though… self-esteem isn’t something that many women have learned or seen good examples of. It’s one of the reasons I’m loving my Sex Kitten book so much.

    So….when are you heading my way ~Dee? 😉

  6. Kitty–I would love to say, “well…least they are not making two other people unhappy,” but in truth…they will make many more people unhappy until they make themselves happy. Soon baby…I will be on my way to your door. BTW…when you finish with your SexKitten Book, you should write a review for me to post here! Love it love it!~~Dee

  7. Playing the Devil’s Advocate here….Give the gal some credit…perhaps she was very well aware of the intent behind the phone number demand…looking to satisfy a one-time lust and have a fun night. She doesn’t need to worry about his situation with a girlfriend…its not her responsibility. I mean, isn’t that the flavor of women discovering sexual independence?

  8. Trixie–I gave credit until the point when she put her number on the paper. I have two rules (and I am close friends with my sexuality!): 1-I treat everyone as I want to be treated. So, women, everywhere, are apart of my group. 2-But, in truth, the situation remains that if someone tells you they will hurt someone else without thought, then believe they will do the same to you. My Favorite Scorpio always says, “If someone shows you who they are…believe them.” The key in your statement is responsiblity. That goes for me, my girls, and my life.~~Dee

  9. They’re both idiots, but I’m wondering if there was any background to this. Had they flirted before? Do they know each other? What are the dynamics that precluded this event? Though he definitely is an ass, and she’s pretty foolish.

  10. Mars–Both are idiots. Even The Marine walked out shaking his head in disbelief. I think what bothered me most is closer to Butterflys statement above…this is the type of action that women commit and then cry over later. And, yes, my dearest Finn, who said that it showed she had no self-esteem.~~Dee

  11. hmmm….points to ponder. If my guy felt he needed outside play, then who am I to deny him that need? I for one would like to live in a society of open sexual relationships for the pure pleasure of celebrating being human. Ya, the idiotic part is most definitely being willing to hurt someone. That is truly unacceptable. The disregard for another human being is very ugly. I would be so happy to hear my guy come through the door and say “You’ll never guess what happened to me today…I had the most amazing experience….” and I would applaud the risk taking, the pleasure, and the ability to share it with me, his wife. Maybe he would even bring the fun gal home for me to enjoy too! Unfortunately, most of the time there are emotions and sensitive self-views tied to these wonderfully physical experiences….that is also part of being human. Ahhh, to find the utopian sexual society….I am ever on the search.

  12. Trixie–Great conversation. I always appreciate people who press me to think about my position. I also celebrate honesty in my relationship. That said, utopian sexual society (if such a thing exists because we are defining it differently right?) in the sense of an open relationship is set up ahead of time. From verbal cue of “I wont always have a girlfriend,” I feel strongly that this arrangement did not exist for the purpose of this discussion to be happening in a non-destructive venue. As I have been the target of swingers, I will tell you that I never take them seriously because I feel they lack the ability to commit and, hence, indicates a lack of responsiblity. That is the way I feel. I would much rather a guy or girl approach me straight on instead of pimping their partner to me. ~~Dee

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