SexyWhispers Exposes Herself!

sex blog female erotica literoticaOddly, whenever I am sent a Meme, I have this overwhelming urge to fight the system and not play by the rules.  The Marine and My Favorite Scorpio will probably tell you that is just part of my ‘charm.’  I really don’t think that either ex-military man believes that it is SO charming though…*smile*…..but it always takes me time to mentally gather answers.

Not because I think that I am so engaging that it takes me effort to find some useless facts about myself, but more because I have a hard time focusing in on just 5 useless things about me.  So, when My Favorite Pink Pussy, CinnKitty, touched me this fun Meme (BTW, I love these things because people always contact me afterwards with statements like “no one does that” or “you don’t seem like you would do that!”), I opened it up to three of the people who know me best, The Marine, The Brother, and Sunshine. 

Unfortunately, they had plenty of answers!  Enjoy the outside view of SexyWhispers as I am exposed by the people that have known me forever:

  1. Never, ever eat meat off of a bone.  As an ex-vegetarian (for health reasons I needed the protein), I still can not touch raw meat, handle skin on meat, or eat meat off of a bone. <shiver>  (added by Sunshine)
  2. Wal-Mart is a soul shaking disturbing experience for me.  Too much input for all around mixed with visuals and screaming kids.  I know what waking nightmares feel like after a trip to Wal-Mart.  (added by The Marine)
  3. Never balance my checkbook.  Never spend more than you make theory.  I know—I know!  But, really, spending breathing space to find 15 cents is not my goal in life.  It’s worked for 20 years.  (added by The Brother—he cant believe this!)
  4. Turn ons are usually so simple….hands, smile, eyes, and sense of humor….things that are mentally sexy rather than physically sexy.  Even though, this means I find very few men attractive or sexy.  (added by Me)
  5. Always drink out of a straw (unless it is beer).  Probably part of my oral fixation.  (added by Sunshine with commentary by Me)
  6. No Lettuce.  I will order a large salad and eat everything out except the lettuce. (added by My Favorite Scorpio)

Ok, there you have it.  There were many more entries for useless facts about me, but, alas, I don’t really want to overload anyone’s fascination level with amazing amounts of me!  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “SexyWhispers Exposes Herself!

  1. Selena–That is the one that bothers My Favorite Scorpio the most too! He says, I buy you an expensive salad and you dont eat the lettuce. So, once for good measure, I ordered it without the lettuce. Mass confusion and panic. Every since, he has been fine with the disposal of the lettuce. All in how you handle it!~~Dee

  2. ha..ha.ha.. it DOES kind of defeat the purpose of having a “salad”…. 😉

    Oh..>OH!! I drink everything from a straw too (sometimes even beer if I really want to get my buzz on fast.) hee..hee….

    Thanks for sharing Dee! I really appreciate it.

  3. Princess–Lettuce has the worst texture of anything I have ever put in my mouth! (dont go there you naughty naughty girls! *wink*) I just dont do limp. Oh…well, there’s no hope for me tonight!~~Dee

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