Sex Sandwich: Two Girls and a Guy

thinkingbloggerja4.jpg  “I think, therefore I am.”  My alteration of this statement has always been “I think I think” because I am aware that without growth…existence is not living….its merely breathing.

It has been a unique few weeks for me.  I learned lots about myself and others.  But, this will count as my first threesome!  That is, two of my FAV-O-RITE people in the blogosphere, CinnKitty and NotforMars, presented me with The Thinking Blogger Award.  To be kissed by these two incredible people, both so strong with insight and compassion, I am amazed by the “who me?” feeling that arrives shortly afterwards.  Always a pleasure to be awarded something important….like the ability to think and make others think…but I am touched by the sweet strokes of accolades by these two people I read most often when I am looking for comfort for my own soul.   To you both–thank you.  As always, I am humbled.

My pleasure to pass The Thinking Blogger Award to:

  • A Life Less Ordinary:  Finn was one of the first women to hold my hand in those early days.  Since, I have often found comfort in her quiet words.  She is just like having coffee with a sister at the kitchen table.
  • MisstressM:  My Favorite Female Scorpio was the first occupant of the *Cathouse.*  She an amazing woman who helped me stand up straight during my first blogging days.  Kisses baby!
  • The Princess Diaries:  From the first moment I met her, I knew she had to have an invitation to the *Cathouse.* She is always on my team…ready to give…seeing and promoting the best in people by building strengths.  Love that.
  • Suzy Wears the Pants:  Ok…this lady is ON FIRE!  Every time I read her blog, I get about half way through before I have stars dazzled in front of my eyes and visions of ‘sugarplums’ dancing in my head. 

Again…thank you and kisses to all who stop by everyday to comment, interact, think, and grow.  And, thank you to CinnKitty  and NotforMars for the bloggy love!

12 thoughts on “Sex Sandwich: Two Girls and a Guy

  1. What can I say ~Dee?? Mars knows a great nomination when he sees it. hee..hee..hee…

    Now… about that breathing / existing part. What can we do about the extraordinarily LARGE quantity of mouth-breathers I keep letting into my heart? …sigh…..

  2. Kitty–Really…he was just copy’catting’ you cause he likes you so much. He acts all tough, but pink and handcuffs are his favorite (dont tell him I told you!!).

    One piece of advice for mouth-breathers….one of my favorite games….suck and blow baby. Suck and blow. Humming the chorus to “These Boots are Made for Walking.”~~Dee

  3. Mars–Between the Pink Pussy and I…we can teach you to love both fuzzy pink and handcuffs. Silly boy…control issues…why does every man around me have control issues??? Geez.~~Dee

  4. That’s easy ~Dee… because we attract the men who need us to teach them how to handle their control issues.

    Normally, through the cunning use of pink and fuzzy handcuffs…..although, I like to use a nice silk tie sometimes…hee..hee.hee…

  5. Kitty–Like rough sex (every now and then), I like a toy that leaves just a breath of a temporary mark that you can see the next day to remind him I was there and blurs his vision with the memory. Yes, silk can indeed do that, but there is something that says “in control” about hard, steel handcuffs.~~Dee

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