Humor is Sexy: Christmas Style!

female erotica, literotica, sex blogs, sexOk….two very loved people (kiss kiss kiss!) had their feelings all trampled under my stilettos because I did not include their cuties in the Humor is Sexy column.  They said that I gave The Marine “first choice” treatment because I am married to him.

Ummm…no….not because I am married to him.  But, because the man has mind blowing muscle control that brings shivers to remote girlie places that I love to have stroked.  Now, there is Christmas spirit for you! (grin)  Anyways, with love for them too-and you know who you are-here you go! 

Merry Christmas to all!  Remember…..Live, Laugh, Love….and share it with someone else!  ~~Dee



10 thoughts on “Humor is Sexy: Christmas Style!

  1. Mars–Marines do tend to love the way I make them stand at attention. Oh…and the offer of pink fuzzy handcuffs not withstanding (who knew that Marines loved fuzzy or pink?)…I give a whole new meaning to the “The Few, The Proud.”~~Dee

  2. mmmm……mmmmmm…….MMMMMMM I do loves me some Marine (umm….and I mean that in the hot, yummy military guys as well as a certain Misstress..ha..ha.ha..)

    I totally agree with you giving The Marine top…..billing.. w00t!! 😀

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