Humor is Sexy: Sexy Women in Bars

female erotica, literotica, sex blogs, sexI had lunch with My Favorite Scorpio’s sister.  Not a new thing as we have done this before.  Only, this time, we talked about SexyWhispers.  Because she is one of my “regular” business clients, I was not sure the reception that I would get from this confession.  But, as I said, I have always been a “Hide or Pride” kind of woman.  If you are not ashamed of what you are doing, then you step up and show it off!  This led to an interesting discussion about sex and SexyWhispers.  She was wonderfully receptive and comfortable.

It was surreal to have such a reflection of one of my favorite people, My Favorite Scorpio, sitting in front of me in a female form.  She is a Scorpio too, so I am not surprised that we discussed sex and womens views on sexuality with such ease. 

Anyway, on to the humor….The Marine sent me this great clip with an email note that said….”This is you!”  Enjoy: (sorry for the link, but I am annoyed with techno gadgets that dont buzz at this point!)

Remember…..Live, Laugh, Love….and share it with someone else!  ~~Dee

5 thoughts on “Humor is Sexy: Sexy Women in Bars

  1. Darn.. and here I had to go and block youtube at work. 🙂 Ahhh..the joys of being the IT gal.. I control the horizontal.. the vertical and EVERY position in between…

    …wait.. am I still talking about tech stuff? I don’t think so.. hee..hee..

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