Erotica Games: Sexy in his Shirt

sex blog female erotica literotica“I love that shirt on you,” he purred in my ear standing behind me.

“That..,” waiting just a beat to catch his eyes in the mirror with a little smile, “is because it is your shirt.”

“No,” he says, playing with the hem of the shirt and letting his fingers brush lightly against my thigh, “that is because I like the thought of my shirt all over your body.” Now he is playing with me….his eyes wandering down the neckline of the shirt to the opening.

“Funny. I like the thought of you all over my body. How about I give you your shirt back?” as I start to unbutton the shirt.

Many women ask me how they can entice a man into passionate play without much preparation. I know, for women, the leather cat suit with garters and stockings can be a super sexy when on the prowl, but sometimes, simple and spontaneous can be very sexy! When combined with the power of the male essence, the effect is supreme allowing you to use his sexuality against him.

Here are some sexy examples to consider:

  • His Shirt: Either with a sexy combination of a pretty bra and panties or completely bare, I have never known a man that did not love to see a woman in his shirt. Interestingly enough, this works as well before and after sex.
  • His Cologne: This is a great double whammy. You love the way he smells…it really cranks your clit into overdrive. Good. He likes his cologne or he would not wear it. Use that combination to turn sexual into sensational burst of arousal as you climb all over each other.
  • His Jacket: Starting at a very young age, either through protection from the cold, marking territory, or the sweetest form of chivalry, men love to see a woman cuddled up in their jacket. So, snuggle into his jacket when he offers (and his offer is important because he is giving you something of himself) and suggest other way to stay warm together.

HINT: Sometimes, there are themes that make the response more immediate and explosive. For example, The Marine loves it when I wear his Marine Corp jacket. It’s a big heavy leather jacket with a Marine Corps emblem that swallows me. Look for his weak spots and stroke those until he can’t stand it anymore.

Have a favorite way to light up your man using his own sexuality and manliness against him? Share with us! ~~Dee

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8 thoughts on “Erotica Games: Sexy in his Shirt

  1. You are so right, Dee, as you usually are. It is completely arousing to see a woman in nothing but my shirt, whether it’s just a t-shirt or, even hotter, one of my dress shirts. One of the things I’d love a woman to do would be to be dressed in nothing but my dress shirt, lazily waiting for me in a chair to come home from work and then allow me to seduce her.

    I don’t know that my cologne on a woman would appeal to me, but now knowing that she was doing it to seduce me, I’d play along. *wink wink*

    Looking forward to hearing what other things women do to light up their men.

  2. Selena Love–Isnt your man a Gemini? (calling on my memory…good luck with that!) Gemini men love things that say fast and quick, so racing stripes do not surprise me at all! Good for him…and you.~~Dee

  3. Dear Sweet Man–I am NEVER wrong. I promise you if you have a half nakkid woman crawling over your body…you wont realize that she smells like your cologne….only that is sweaty and all over you! You can ask The Marine and My Favorite Scorpio. I AM NEVER WRONG when it comes to sex or men. (lol)~~Dee

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