Posted by: sexywhispers | December 14, 2007

SexyWhispers from OhMiBod Vibrators

sex sex blogs erotica female eroticaCum one…cum all!  I am super excited to get to do my next Sexy Interview with the creator of the OhMiBod Ipod vibrator!  Suki, an amazing woman of class and vision, captured my imagination with a vibrator that stimulates to music and, of course, Whispers Media erotica.  I know that I have spoken many times of the great partnership that Whispers Media has with OhMiBod, the amazing Ipod vibrator company, but I am practically tingling that Suki has agreed to let me interview her.

Moreover, ready for the big news?  Here it comes!  Suki has agreed to give away an OhMiBod vibrator to one lucky lady to make her Christmas orgasmic!  Starting today (that is now now now!) and going until midnight on Dec. 21, if you leave a comment, then you are qualified to win.  But…you have to want to win! 

sex toys vibrators masturbationHow do you do that?  Easy!  Leave me a comment here telling me that you want OhMiBod.  Not so hard huh? (wink)  Then….spread the word.  If you feel generous, I would love that you let everyone know about the SexyWhispers contest by adding a few words in a post on your blog. It is not required, but it would make my Christmas wish list! 

Sorry guys, but this is a women only contest.  Want to win it for your girl?  Get her over her and get her commenting cause this is Ladies only.

On the morning of Dec. 22nd….I will announce the winner on the blog and send the lucky lady a private email of love and orgasmic pleasure just in time for the holidays!!

This is like getting to spend a few minutes with Bill Gates….except talking about something way more important:  that sexy OhMiBod ipod vibrator!  I am so excited….off to plan my questions!

What are you waiting for?  Someone to drop an OhMiBod Ipod vibrator in your lap? Get commenting!  ~~Dee


  1. What the heck is that thing? A vibe that plugs into your IPod?? That’s a bit strange.

  2. Mindz–Not so stange….a really really luscious experience! Something for you ears and mind and something tingly for your girly parts.~~Dee

  3. oooo..oooo…OOOOO!!!!!!…. Me!! me!! Pick me!!!! (jumping up and down in the air waving my hands wildly!!!)

    Not only am I a TOTAL iPod addict (umm..hello?? I have a video iPod name Gus and a shuffle named Mr. Pinky Shuffleupagus and I’m DYING for the new iTouch!) but…. I have the PERFECT playlist for the OhMiBod…

    ….called…appropriately…. “Workout Music”…ha..ha.ha……

    I’m DYING to find out if the soundtrack to “Transformers” (the movie) can bring as big a smile to my face sexually, as it does mentally…. ha..ha.ha…….

    Something about the song “You can check on the rep,yep, Second to None…” just begs to be tested out… ;)

    bloggy love coming (hee..hee..) soon…

  4. Okay…. bloggy love has been posted!! :)

    I took a few pages from *your* book when I wrote it. :D

  5. Yes My Favorite Pink Pussy–I Know…I am excited too! But, alas…I cant win. Always a bridesmaid…never a bride! (snort–giggle!).~~Dee

  6. Silly dearest ~Dee~! You probably have more toys in your toy chest than I could ever imagine.. heck.. your product reviews alone prove to me that my one..yes one…lonely little toy is in desperate need of some company…. or at least a much needed break..ha.ha.ha….. ;)

    Hmmm….I’ve been a bride and I’ve been a bridesmaid… I’ll take the bridesmaid job any day. :) More fun to flirt with all the yummy boys on the other side and MUCH LESS complication in the end. hee..hee…

  7. Kitty–I do love things that buzz…purely for medical reasons of course. Kinda like whiskey is good for snake bites, but I never can find a snake when I need one!~~Dee

  8. Oh my gosh I so totally want one! I had no idea there was even such a thing. Wow!!

  9. Jaye–It is rockin’ cool! Good luck!~~Dee

  10. do I get extra bonus points if I tell you **looking both ways to see if anyone is within earshot**

    that I’ve never used a *gulp* vibrator? I know, it’s hard to believe. Never. Ever. I would like to try it once in my life, though.

  11. Teri–IMHO, you would be surprised how many women have never used a vibrator before. I believe if we put 10 women in a room, 8 or more have not used a vibrator or masturbated. You are signed up! Good Luck.~~Dee

  12. I’m getting wet just thinking about it. I’m so music oriented as it is. I would love, love, love an ohmibod. This will require a special playlist.

    Excuse me while I go post something on my blog about all this.


  13. Misty–Good to see you! Mmmm..yes! Music and masturbation….two fabulous art forms! Good Luck!~~Dee

  14. I love my Ohmibod! But is that the much-talked about sleeve I see on it? That I don’t have. And I want!

  15. Finn–My OhMiBod Queen! You were the first woman that I knew (besides me!) that had one! Good lucky girly!~~Dee

  16. phew, I don’t feel like a freak now. Who would have thought that so few women never used a vibrator before?

    I LOVE music myself so this would be a GREAT way to get “giggy with it”!

  17. Teri–Careful Careful Girl….Will Smith is way too luscious. That man is beuatiful!~~Dee

  18. ~Dee~,
    It’s funny… I totally FORGOT that I had already posted a blog about the OhMiBod from Christmas time LAST YEAR!! how funny!!

    My “dickhead” ex had sent the link to me… how sweet of him right?? I guess it was his moment of actually accepting that he had never satisfied me and was trying to make it up by showing something that would promise hours and hours of intense musical and orgasmic pleasure. hee..hee…


  19. I actually just got my first vibrator! Dare I want to try a new one? I certainly haven’t gotten bored of the one I just got yet!!

  20. Princess–Mmmmm…..a new vibe! Break it in girl! Tis the season to be jolly…and I cant think of anything better. Well, I can but…(wink).~~Dee

  21. Alright, Missy, I’m ENTERING this one – I’ve got Bolero on Repeat on my Ipod ready and waiting, bay-bee!

    Also posted it on my blog for ya :)

  22. Selena–Good luck lovely! Bolero huh? Anyone else want to tell me what is on your Ipod under the category of “Self Love Music” (aka…Music to Masturbate by?). BTW…good girl for sharing the love. I know that there is a temptation NOT to share with others, but I cant win…so….~~Dee

  23. I’m going to come on and say that I want Cinn Kitty to win one!! She’s always there to comfort and make you laugh and she deserves to have something that will make her as happy as she’s made others!!

  24. Randi–Thanks for stopping by to stroke my Pink Pussy!~~Dee

  25. oooo – this looks fabulous!
    a perfect xmas gift……for myself!
    xoxo single gal

  26. Hello Gal…welcome and good luck!~~Dee

  27. Mmmmmmmmm, I would dearly love an Omnibod to make me tingle over the holidays. Ring in the new year, and all that. ;-)

  28. Stephanie–Welcome and Good Luck! Oh…yes, talk about holiday joy! (smile)~~Dee

  29. Oh wow, I’ve heard of these things and it would be awesome to win one! I’m in the beginning stages of a divorce and at age 39 just starting to discover the sexual side of myself. (Weeeee!) Music has always got me moving but this would really bring new meaning to that…

  30. Hello Jane–Welcome to SexyWhispers. If you are starting a sexual path, you are in the right place! Good luck with OMB bringing holiday cheer.~~Dee

  31. Why do I want one?

    What better thing to brag about winning on the internet?

    the conversation would go like this:
    A vibrator? YOU WON A VIBRATOR??

    second question would be ” Was it new or used?”

    ” It’s used now honey!”

    come on I need the conversation piece.

  32. Hi Secret–Welcome and Good luck. Interesting reasoning.~~Dee

  33. I think this sounds like a *lot* of fun– a good twist on the “novelty” vibrator, crossed with a fully-functional toy.

    And, yes, I’d like one, partly for the fun factor, partly for the winning-something factor, and partly because I wore my toy of the last 6 years out (dead, gone, kaput) and it’s not in any part of my budget to afford a replacement right now. (I recently moved to a higher-cost-of-living city.) Here’s hoping. *crossing fingers… and legs?*

  34. Spider–Welcome! Poor Dearly depart vibrator…good friend and lover of Spider. A moment of slience please! Good Luck Girl.~~Dee

  35. My husband read about this vibrator on another site about a month ago and said he thought we should have one. Then I read a book that the author had the heroine/hero using one and I decided my husband was right. We need one of these. I love the idea of setting up a playlist together and then trying it out!

  36. AJ–pretty cool! Welcome. Not sure what book you are talking about. Any chance you could give me the name of it. I would love to read it! Good luck.~~Dee

  37. I’ve heard about them and would love to have one of these too. I have joined so many blogs lately. I’ll be glad to spread the word.

  38. ToBeFree–Thank you so much. Would love to have our word spread! Good luck.~~Dee

  39. I would love to win this and me and my man try it out. The things an older man can teach you.

  40. By the way if you want I don’t have a blog but I will tell others at the other blogs that I visit.

  41. FunAndGames–Mmmmm…older men can be very delicious! Patient, generous, ready to teach…lots of wonderful things there! Good Luck!~~Dee

  42. WoW! I would love to win this. I would love to start trying out these sex toys. I know my fiance would be happy *G* This is one I had seen and would love to try it out :) Count me in.


  43. Reading–Very Cool. Welcome and luck luck luck!~~Dee

  44. Oh, the OhMiBod. I’d love to have one of those- my current vibrator is really nice, but I’ve always had an intimate love of music. As an amateur sex writer, I love using music to guide my emotions and attitudes while I try to give my readers something sexy. I’ve even got a couple of different playlists set up, depending on what kind of mood I’m trying to go for. (After all, Mission UK’s “Evangeline” creates a very different atmosphere than Blondie’s “Call Me”.)

    I want to unite the experience of letting my music take my fantasies away while using my vibrator. I’m a bad girl about managing both at once with my current gear – too much wanting to fiddle with the settings on one or both of my toys. *grins*

    Plus, it’d be fun to finally see if Lesbians on Ecstasy’s “Does She Love Me?” is as wonderfully bass-tastic as it sounds to me. (It’s interesting – a guy confessed that he had a fantasy of me riding a bass speaker as it pounded out music, vibrating me. Yum!)

  45. Rahne–Love Blondie. And Phil Collin “In The Air Tonight!!….that drum line is amazing. Incredible fantasy….I hope you turned that into a story. BTW…when you get into your writing…if you have blog or website you want to add to the Erotica tab, let me know. Welcome!~~Dee

  46. I think these need to be marketed to Army wives . . . so when the husbands get deployed they can spend some of their time creating special playlists.

  47. Lorelie–I was a Marine Corp wife for many years! Sounds like a great idea to me. Welcome.~~Dee

  48. Wow! This is an exciting contest!! I am a fan of these lovely toys…I have a toy chest and this would be a great addition. One that “plays” to music, I WANT ONE!!!! There are several “mood” songs that this would work great with! I have several other friends that I will be telling that they need to come over here and join in the fun…so please don’t forget me when it is time..I WANT ONE, ME, ME, ME,ME, ME!!! :)

  49. Aimee–Welcome and Good Luck! It is a lovely little device that vibrates pleasure to a soundtrack!~~Dee

  50. I want the OhMiBod :0)

  51. Connie–Good luck!

  52. Oooo I want one! Why? Let me count the ways…

    I am a single (emphasis on single) mother
    I am a nanny to my nephew
    I need all the down time I can get :P

  53. AshleyV–Three great reasons! Good Luck!~~Dee

  54. Cool! Count me in! I would love to win the OhMiBod. I have been wanting it. lol

  55. AmyS–Welcome Dearie…you are entered. Good luck and welcome!~~Dee

  56. I want to win because this is the coolest thing ever. well and because I already have pretty much every other sex toy available and need to add this to my collection.

  57. Sara–Good luck….sounds like you need rechargeable batteries! Lucky girl!~~Dee

  58. What’s a better way to get off then using music and vibration in tandem? How awesome is that. Good music (like NIN) is an erotic experience in itself, add vibration matching the music and I’m in heaven. *purr*

  59. Asrai–Very true. Music is the soundtrack of all we do in life. Sexy music makes it all the better. Talk about “Feel the beat!”~~Dee

  60. Actually my friend showed me this blog, with a surreptitious comment about my boyfriend–whom I met after writing a fan letter in response to his story being published in “Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet”. It started with an exchange of letters, then a visit, then sitting cuddling together listening to music out of the same player and playing footsie and kissing after the best songs to express approval. I’m sure he would LOVE to know that the music he sends me is put to gooooood use. I like that Transformers idea as well–there is a lady that knows the meaning of the word “fun”!

  61. LJJ–First, that is a very good friend! As for CinnKitty (My Favorite Pink Pussy), yes, she is a red hot spark of fun. You should check her out!Good luck.~~Dee

  62. Oh my lady look at the comments.

  63. Hello Baby Girl…hope you are feel back to your Scorpio self! I would enter, but they keep telling me I cant win (frown).~~Dee

  64. OhMiGod! I want one! I’ve been so curious about these for the longest time. Ooh..getting excited just thinking bout masturbating. Love it!

  65. Kristina–Welcome and Good luck. OhMiBod is OhMyGod good!~~Dee

  66. I want it! *waves hand in the air* Pick me, pick me!

  67. Amy–You are registered. Good luck and welcome!~~Dee

  68. Coming a little late to the game here, but I thought I’d throw my hat into the ring. Not only am I a musician with eclectic tastes (and oh, the fun I could have finding out what exact differences there are between, say, Finnish metal and verismo opera), but I haven’t owned a vibrator since high school. Seems like something I should rectify, huh?

    My interesting side story is that my boyfriend and I were mugged coming home from a party a few months ago (we live in NYC) and got roughed up a bit. Nobody was seriously hurt or anything, but boyfriend’s been having a bit of a mental block regarding sex ever since. Since I’ve been spoilt by a very energetic schedule up to now, I could sure use something to keep me occupied while we work on getting his mojo back!

    So, to sum up: pick me. Heh.

  69. Maeve–Not late….we have several days left. Not since high school huh? Good for you. Most girls do not start that early! Kudos…and welcome. Good luck!~~Dee

  70. I have never heard of this. I never would have imagined one. Sign me up! I think every girl should have one. LOL

  71. crabbymama55–I do agree. EVERY lady should have one!~~Dee

  72. Ooh, I want one! Just thinking of a particular rock star I’m madly in lust with growling in my ear… This would be divine! :)

  73. ladyofthelake–I think that is the best fantasy of most of us…sexy man whispering sexual things into our ears….the love of aural sex! Made for women!~~Dee

  74. I was in two minds about commenting here, but who would pass up the chance to win an OhMiBod? They look totally hot, I want one! I never never used a vibrator before, but I want to :) and the music factor is definitely intriguing.

    And it seems so female friendly :)

  75. Anna–Not sure why you would not want to comment here, but glad you decided to…good luck.~~Dee

  76. Why do I want the iBod (good nickname for it, btw)? Well, to see how it handles the speed metal I so love!

    I was once part of a women’s group and we’d talked about having vibrators made for the lot of us. We were going to pick four, one for each member of the band that brought us together… you can imagine, I’m sure, the fantasies that would inspire.

    It never happened. I’m better off without the group, but combining music and rock and roll fantasies? That’s what I’m all about.

  77. Susan–Metal music huh? Mmmm…that has great possiblities. As I think of it….certain rap songs (without out the references to ‘bitches’ and ‘ho’–I have issues there!), but the deep tones would be excellent I bet. Alittle Will Smith or Fabulous…mmmm….yes.~~Dee

  78. Since I read about the contest, I’ve been eyeing my iTunes playlists. Good music–*really* good music–gives you something like an orgasm anyway, so why not take it just that little further to the real thing? What girl wouldn’t love to be sexed up by James Bond…or his theme song at least? There’s Cornerstone Cues’ “Requiem for a Tower” with its multiple peaks, and then there’s the obvious jokes about Glenn Miller getting me “In the Mood”. ;)

    My iPod is practically surgically attached to my hip, so whether I win or not, I definitely want one of these. :D

  79. Karen–Very true….great music can make you tingle all over. Mmmmm…..Duran Duran comes to mind for some reason! Good Luck and welcome.~~Dee

  80. I saw one of these at my fave little store and I’ve been curious as heck to know someone to find out if it’s worth it. I keep thinking the songs that might be good might be too raucous for the desired effect. :)

  81. Rae–It does make the mind spin. You can read Allies review of the Ibod written today. She swears by hers! And she does not seem to be alone! Good luck.~~Dee

  82. I think I might need one of these. Wait, I’m sure of it. ;) That way, I could be a groupie without actually being a groupie…

  83. Grace–Groupie? You could start your own band with one of these! (laughing)~~Dee

  84. I live in the place where the streets have no name, otherwise known as Tokyo…

    Why do I need an OhMyBod vibrator? Ah, it’s sad to say…I am a 5’10” western woman, with blond hair and blue eyes, age 34 – I ought to get all I can handle, right? But the fact is…I’m not working as a hostess, just an ordinary teacher. I’m too old and too tall for Japanese guys. And maybe too DIFFICULT, or just PICKY.

    I am a cactus woman, surviving on dribs and drabs of male attention! Woe is me, I can’t get it on except as a novelty item in a Japanese man’s repetoire of sex! The heck with that…If I had an OhMyBod vibrator, it’d be manna from heaven, an IV of titillation into my comatose libido! Oh, the music of the night! And day, and night again….

  85. CrimsonGriffin–You are entered….good luck. I can not think of what to say besides that. Interesting…I am rarely speechless.!~~Dee

  86. Well, I’ve already used my iPod for jilling off–just me and Josh Ritter and his “Animal Years,” running a manual transmission. How much awesome would it be to take him for a ride in my brand new automatic? SO MUCH AWESOME.

  87. Emeline–Oh….love that imagery. Put it in gear girl and good luck. You are in the hat.~~Dee

  88. Oh to have an iBod,
    a lady of the era mod,
    this mom needs a rumblin’ drum solo
    to make her moan with oh,ohh,ohHHH.

    A happy mom is a good mom, they say,
    I need a moment, so put those groceries away!
    Give me Mayer’s sexy, soul tingling guitar,
    a lonnng, tortuous, set will take me far.

    A happy wife is a good wife, the men they believe,
    I’ve got this one honey, you have a reprieve.
    Watch me enjoy this iBod of mine,
    The rythm, the motion, pour me some wine.

    Please oh please, give one to me!
    My family deserves one,
    Oh happy me!!

  89. mrsabey–Great poetry! You are entered into the contest. Good Luck.~~Dee

  90. What a brilliant product!!!!! Certain music works as foreplay for me…now music could finish the job.

  91. Flip–It is amazing….music to vibrate by! Good luck!~~Dee

  92. Ooooh! I would LOVE to have one of these! I have a couple fo drawers full of toys, but this one sounds like it would whip the other’s arses, LOL! I’m flying solo since my husband of 29 years moved out to live with his %$^$&&^&. With this, I’d at least be flying along with my favorite singers and musicians! To be REALLY honest – I don’t have an iPod – but winning this would be the perfect excuse to go and buy one for myself!!

  93. AmyT–This would be the perfect reason to get an Ipod. Good luck.~~Dee

  94. I was thinking about buying an Ipod but now I definitely am. This definitely one of the coolest contest I have ever entered. Happy Holidays!

  95. Catlin–Welcome and good luck! You are entered. It is a great little toy.~~Dee

  96. My husband has an Ipod and though he uses it often, he has encouraged me to borrow it when I like. Bet an OhMyBod would have me lusting after the Ipod even more than I do…generous hubby that I have, I am sure he wouldn’t mind.

  97. Lamb–Good for you….a sharing experience. Might become your favorite toy! good luck…Dee

  98. Now I’ve got Billy Idol’s “Dancing with Myself” stuck in my head. I wonder…

  99. AMC–Very appropriate! Good Luck!~~Dee

  100. My Ipod is my escape from the day-to-day trials of taking care of five year old triplets! I can’t think of a better way to help relieve tension than by adding this little extra to the mix :)

  101. Elizabeth–WOW! x 3. You are entered….good luck to you and the triplets!~~Dee

  102. Oh……………I can have my songs and my orgasm all together………I think that would be T-R-O-U-B-L-E

  103. Tina–SOMETIMES…trouble is a good thing! Good luck!~~Dee

  104. mmmm, sounds like this would make any kitty purrrrrrrr……….

  105. Lipstick–More like the sound a tiger makes when it roars~ (laughing) Good luck.~~Dee

  106. I need this in my life. Why, I hear you ask. It’s purely for humanitarian reasons.
    I only see my boyfriend on weekends….
    Truthfully I’m a bit afraid I may end up injuring the poor dear. I don’t think he realized JUST what he was getting himself into by flipping MY switch (stronger have tried and succumbed tragically).
    As far as I can see only two things will really keep me satisfied enough during the week. That being good music, and of course an OhMiBod.
    Think of the life you will be saving…
    He’s only 28, he’s just too young to die from exhaustion.

  107. Foxx–I have told many that if I could pick how I wanted to die…that would be it! Of course, The Marine would have to explain to the paramedics, but….oh well….good for him! Good Luck.~~Dee

  108. OooOHh! Been wanting one of these for awhile .Mmm, it’d be interesting to see how Boston’s “Foreplay” intro turns out with this..

  109. Kristin–Welcome and Good luck…you are registered. (Bostons “foreplay”? You might have something there!!)~~Dee

  110. Ohhh, the suspense is killing me!!
    Who’s the lucky gal that will be groovin’ her way through the holidays?
    Thanks for the contest SexyWhispers!

  111. I wore out my last one…I love it and listening to dance music or a really hot song can make you cum so hard. Music also relaxes you enough that you can really get off with it.

    I honestly love it and I think they changed the design a little so it hits your g-spot better. :D

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