Ass Kickin’ Women Award: Taking No Prisoners

“Is it that you are not comfortable with yourself,” he asked, questioning me about why my picture is not on my website.

Porn Queen giggle…could not help it…that was too funny!

“I am incredible.  In all I do, say, am…I am fabulous.  It’s not bragging.  Just a statement of fact,” he laughs uneasily at my confidence.  See, he is new to my world.  He is trying to understand, but I cut him some slack because I know…in my heart…it is not easy!

“Actually, I don’t have my picture on my website because I am bothered by the fact that anyone would look at me physically and make a judgment of who I am.  This way, they can make up their own physicality because they will only really see me in this essence of energy.”

I have never been circumspect about the fact that I know some AMAZING women.  I am proud of this.  Some came to me like a gift…MissM…and some came to me through friends of friends…like CinnKitty and Princess.  We fill the *Cathouse* up everyday with women like these…and I love the experience.

So, every now and then…I give out one of two awards.  The Ass Kickin’ Woman award is passed from sexy, strong women standing tall in their stilettos to the next Ass Kickin’ Woman as they make a decision to join the *Cathouse.*  And they do make a decision.  I ask every woman before I give the award for ‘permiso’ because accepting something means owning it!  And…being prepared to pass it to the next incredible woman.

Except this once!  I received ‘permiso’ from the first lady, as she was passed the torch through my dearest CinnKitty, but the second lady is my admiration.

  • SwimmingInTheDatingPool:  This lady of honesty shows and tells it just like it is!  With topics ranging from dating to parties to bad hair days, her blog is frequently humorous and always honest.  With a glass of wine in one hand and the male population in the other, she is a woman strength and assertive candor.  CinnKitty said to me that this lady represents the true spirit of the Ass Kickin’ Woman Award.  From anyone this is praise…from My Favorite Pink Pussy, it is a tribute!
  • DutchBitch:  As My Favorite Dutch Pastry (whom I have always quaintly referred to as ‘Dutchie’), she was one of the first two women to stand up and welcome me home when I started SexyWhispers.  I am long overdue in telling her so, but she and MissM gave me strength in those first days to continue when I thought no one would listen.  (And like the bad influence that they are….taught me the word ‘fucktard’ *snort*).  More when I was sure that women were not able to be reached about sexuality, she joined MissM in showing me a different type of woman.  One who, like me, understands, accepts, and acknowledges the roles of sexuality and honesty in everything we do.  Loving her feisty nature that says, “if you don’t like me, screw you” (yes dear…I have said this before), she definitely represents one of the women who owns a part of what I want to be when I grow up!  Kiss Kiss Kiss!

Thank you ladies…for your inspiration to the women around you.  It is yours to pass on to the Ass Kickin’ Women in your life! 

Support Sportlight:  America Supports You! is a nationwide program launched by the Department of Defense, recognizes citizens’ support for our military men and women and communicates that support to members of our Armed Forces at home and abroad. All across America, thousands of individual citizens, businesses, and groups – from local schools and establishments to nationally-known corporations and organizations – are hosting events and undertaking projects to support America’s Armed Forces, especially in forward-deployed areas of the Global War on Terrorism. The support of the American people builds and sustains the morale of those fighting to defend freedom against the tyranny of terrorism, and communicates America’s recognition and appreciation of their courage and commitment to our country. 

And, dont forget…if you want to grab the yellow ribbon next to this post for your blog, feel free!  ~~Dee

10 thoughts on “Ass Kickin’ Women Award: Taking No Prisoners

  1. w00t!!! I LOVES me some Swoof!! ha..ha.ha….

    Gotta give the girl props….she’s a hot 42 year old Momma that has the soul of a 23 year old and the hutzpah of a 60 year old Jewish lady!

    Seriously… picking up a hot guy in the concession line at a local football game?? You go girl!!! 🙂

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