Sexy Support: Remembering the Troops!

As a new feature, every day this month I will profile a place where you can help our troops this holiday season.  I am especially sensitive to the men and women who sacrifice time with their families during the holidays to serve their country. 

Do I believe our troops should be overseas?  No…not for a minute, but that is my opinion.

Do I believe that every person should remember the troops this holiday season?  Yes!  It is an absolute must!

The Marine spent our first married holiday season in Iraq serving his country.  I am exceptionally proud of him and every military person that put their lives on the line so that we can have the moments of peace we share with those around us.  Although I know he will not be back in Iraq again (he does say that he would go back if called), I cant help but think of all of the soldiers who will be looking at pictures of babies they have never held, thinking of first Christmases they will never get back, and families praying for the safe return of someone they love from a warzone.

With peace and blessing to all of them, please take a moment to read this special spotlight everyday marked by this yellow ribbon (and post the ribbon on your blog if you like—no link back needed!) to see if you can touch the lives of those who just want to be remembered for one quiet moment as they sacrifice everything for each of us.

Support Spotlight:  Cell Phones for Soldiers
If you have ever wondered what to do with those damn cell phones after you buy a new one, then cruise by Cell Phones for Soldiers and check it out!  The Cell Phones for Soldiers program was started in April 2004 by 13-year-old Brittany Bergquist and her 12-year-old brother Robbie of Norwell, Massachusetts.  Robbie and Brittany’s goal is to help our soldiers serving overseas call home. 

I can say without thought that the most glorious gift that you can give a soldier and their family is a few moments of conversation this Christmas!

If you know of a great group trying to help soldiers during the holiday season and you would love to tell everyone, then please let me know or leave a comment! ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Sexy Support: Remembering the Troops!

  1. Very, very good of you Dee. But you knew that. There’s nothing like being stuck over in country and not being able to talk to your loved ones without spending all of your money to do it.

    I saw these kids on the news recently. What the heck was I doing when I was their age? Oh yeah, chasing girls.

  2. Mars–You were chasing girls? I am shocked …shocked! Ok…not so much…(evil grin). But yes….when The Marine was in Iraq, we spent thousands on those very few minutes he could make it back to port to be on the phone. For all who are reading, the military takes away some of your pay because your spouse is overseas. The only way they can call home is reverse the charges! It is a truly special experience…even for the tons of money it is costing you…just to have those few precious words!~~Dee

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