Erotica Games: Sexy Truth or I Dare YOU!

female erotica, literotica, sex, sex blogsRemember the fascination as a teenager of an adventurous game of Truth or Dare.  One half fear of discovery in front of the prying eyes of the group—one half seeing how far the other person would go to hide their secrets?  Lets start the passions flowing to the hotter places south of your border!

Start off by writing out a list of Sexy Questions on some pretty paper.  These should always be open ended questions that require details.  Some suggestions include:

  • What is your favorite sexual position and why?
  • Which would you rather have: oral sex or penetration? (or other!)
  • Where would you love to have sex?
  • What do I do that makes you have that “fuck me now” response?
  • What sexually have you always wanted to try?
  • What sexually would you never want to try?
  • What is your favorite sexual fantasy?

Then, make a similar list of Daring Discretions with a hint of danger or discovery like:

  • Take a trip outside to a private place (like the front deck) for 5 minutes of oral sex or masturbation.
  • Call someone on the phone that you both know and talk while receiving oral sex for 5 minutes.
  • Quickie hide and seek—The person who draws the slip counts to 10 while the other person hides in a dark place and waits to be found for a make out session.
  • Enjoy a session of oral sex or masturbation on the hood of your car or in the back seat.
  • Pick a sex toy from the box and learn or demonstrate how to use it properly.
  • Using only your mouth, push a small piece of candy from the indentation at the collar bone to between the legs (if you don’t know what happens to wet candy on dry skin—HINT…lots of licking!).

It’s in the bag:  Get two different bags…something sensual that feels good to the eyes as well as the touch.  Maybe one in satin and one in silk….scented bags would be great too because they will add the sense of smell to the game. 

Cut and fold the Sexy Questions into slips of paper.  Put all of the Sexy Questions into one bag.  Then, cut and fold all of the Daring Discretions into slips of paper.  Put all of the Daring Discretions into another bag. 

Now, you can light some candles to add a sexy atmosphere.  Dress up in your sexiest clothing that shows off all of your assets with great hooker heels and invite him to play your game.  Remember, the game is not about sex, it is about creative foreplay!

Some additions:

  • A blindfold if you want to bring in an air of mystery.
  • Food will bring in the sense of taste…so you can add this into your Daring Discretions.
  • Be sure to have a timer handy to keep the game moving.
  • Keep some massage oils or warming lubes close to starve off friction.
  • Have a little collection of sex toys (fuzzy handcuffs, vibrators, feathers/fabric choices).  You can even add a surprise or two that has never been tried like a vibrating cock ring.
  • Some delicious candies will brings sweetness to the game.
  • Flavorful adult beverages can loosen up the proceeding and really start the balls rolling.

Have fun and be ready to explore each others bodies.  By setting an overall time limit on the game or going until each bag is empty, you can keep on target of playing without paying until you are both worked into a frenzy of anticipation that will pop the cork out of a wine bottle.  Enjoy!~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Erotica Games: Sexy Truth or I Dare YOU!

  1. I open insite to what is very much kept in the dark, sexuality should be celibrated for what it is not as a form of perversion. keep it up.

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