Sexy Girls

female erotica, literotica, panties, sex blog, sexIn the last week, I have been honored by the love of two amazing women!  Not one ever to complain about a little bump and grind between the lovely ladies, Princess of the Universe and MissM both gave me a big hug with the Sexy Blogger Award!  Mmm…panties.  Everyone knows that I love a great pair of panties, but I digress. 

To say that I was amazed is an understatement.  It was a little like getting the Nobel Prize.  I know, you are thinking of me up there giving my acceptance speech in my panties!  Naughty!  But, in reality, for someone to recognize you for exactly what you are and shows you love for that, there is no better feeling in the world.

My point is that I often feel like people don’t see me.  They see an overly confident woman with a high self esteem that gives sex advice.  Yes, I am all those things.  But, they don’t see the person who struggles for the right words so often.  Who, in the end, sits with her eyes closed at her computer just typing away to block out the visual and move through the inner voice I hear inside of me.  (No…I don’t take meds for that! ~~ laughing).  People don’t see the extreme honor I feel by every person who graces SexyWhispers each day.  For those of you who ask questions, seek an opinion, or venture into a discussion that brings me deeper into thought and understanding, I can only say thank you.  Each day…every day.

Now…I get to pass this one on!  Whoop!  And do I have a list….outside of Princess of the Universe and MissM, cause I know I cant tag them back (although I already have mentally and you cant stop me):

  • CinnKitty (My Favorite Pink Pussy):  My dear, the brilliance of you company is only matched by the strength of your soul.  I mean really…A woman who can talk football and Transformers?  I love how she goes her own way while learning to love herself.
  • DetailMedic (LifeInaFirehouse):  To me, she is incredible not just for the job she does.  It is true…I respect any woman who steps into a man’s world to help the rest of us.  But, it takes more character and self esteem to keep your being intact without loosing your self identity.  She does it with class and grace!
  • A Life Less Ordinary:  Oh my…When I grow up, I want to be this well adjusted.  This incredible woman is all at once intelligent and quirky.  She makes me smile at the simplest thing in the world:  life.
  • NotFromMars (MaleInsights—My Favorite Martian):  Ok…so he is not a woman, but if you have not found him yet, then you are missing out.  This man intelligently addresses women with insights and compassion that truly does show how men think.  Often, at the cost of his own person, he uses examples to show how men and women interact. He is scary right sometimes (I secretly suspect he is a woman!  Shhhh…dont tell him!).  See…Martian…did I tell you that I would send you panties?

Wow…I am lucky on the giving and receiving side of life!  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “Sexy Girls

  1. Wheeeeeeee…….!!!! I was feeling slightly unloved there for a bit and then suddenly WHAM!! two beautiful, sexy women nominate me for the same award in the same day!

    Thanks!!! I needed that pick me up.

    I’d have settled for an orgasm..but I understand that’s a bit out of your ……reach.. ha..ha.ha…!


  2. My Princess!–And I am thankful for your visits and my fun of visiting your Universe. As for Kitty, we should both give her super sized kisses! (that will show her!–smile)~~Dee

  3. I absolutely honored, Dee. I never expected to be given panties just for writing my blog; if I’d have known that I would have started a long time ago. 😉 Thank you for the kind words and the recognition, but the blog wouldn’t be so great if you didn’t visit and help keep things going.

  4. Mars–Did I tell you? Panties….it is the time of year for giving. I always think of that old Coke commerical “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,” *dancing around the room and singing* “I would like to buy the world panties and keep it company!” I know…it looses something in the translation, but hey…the thought is there!~~Dee

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