Erotica Games: Tail-Gating Your Man!

female erotica, literotica, sex, sex blogsSorry that I missed Saturday and for the lovelies that stopped by to make sure I was still living, kisses to you all!  I spent the weekend getting ready for Christmas.  The Marine put up Christmas lights on the house and we decorated the tree.  Being from the Big Easy, I love the sparkle of bright lights.  And, when the chills starts to creep into the South Carolina air, my mind goes into major overtime about sexy ways to light a fire…and I don’t mean in the fireplace!

Of course, LSU needed my support and I gave them my full frontal, big girl love to help my boys through the game.  LSU LSU LSU!!~~ National Championship Game!!  Love to Les Miles and my boys in Baton Rouge!  I am painting things purple and gold that I could get arrested for talking about! (giggling)  Wait…that is pretty much what I blog about!

With all the man love taken care of for the weekend, I want to reveal a top secret thing about myself only to be spoken of in this one entry!  I can’t cook.  Don’t want to…don’t like to…The Marine does the cooking in our little piece of heaven I call home.  I only cook three things very well:  chili, potato soup, and gumbo!  (I will share these recipes with anyone who wants—just ask!)  It is in part because these are great comfort foods.  Plus, as a child of Texas and Louisiana, not to be able to make chili or gumbo might get you evicted from the state!  These are staples for any tailgating party.

When I cook any of these things, The Marine is always happy.  As compared to other attempts the might involve a paramedic or a visit by our local fire department.  It is that bad…really.  I wander off and become mentally engaged in other things.

Here’s my recipe for turning up his heat in the kitchen:

  • Planning the Game:  What are his favorite foods?  There has to be one dish that makes him smile when he sees it sitting in front of him.  Get together all of the fixing for that meal including wine and bread.  Also, plan what you will wear to get his mind off of food.   Remember to plan for details like will you dress before or during the meal.  After all, while cooking in a g-string and an apron with fishnet stockings might be sexy as hell, it might not be so practical.  Lots and lots of exposed skin.  Last thing you want to explain to a medic is how you received that nasty burn on one of your boobs!  Really take the time to think it through.
  • Your Gear:  Get all of your gear together.  If you are planning to wear those great studded high heels with stockings and pasties, then get your uniform together.  Get toenails polished, waxed in all the right places, and shave your legs. 
  • Option Plays:  Think about what you are going to do when he comes into the kitchen.  One of my favorite “he is going to stutter in 3….2….1” moves is to be bending over something totally engrossed in whatever I am doing…of course.  For example, when I hear him coming into the kitchen, I open the oven to check the bread.  When he comes into the room, I am leaned over to provide a perfect view of all things female.  Then, to boost my power level, I start a silly conversation that requires a response.  Something like…“would you rather have dinner before or after your shower?”  When he does not answer quickly, I look back at him innocently.
  • Special Teams:  Be prepared for quick movements by the other team in an attempt to score.  While your goal is not dinner (save dinner for after entertainment nourishment because it makes a man sleepy and lazy!), you want to prolong the anticipation as long as possible!  Set the table, pour a glass of wine, or whatever works.  Some heavy petting or a lap dance might be a good way to start, but be careful, that can end up in the end zone before you realize that game has started.
  • Convert in the Red Zone:  When you are ready, work your way into his lap.  I prefer to wear a very short skirt with a g-string.  This way, I can make a production of hiking my skirt up to straddle his chair.  This position also gives great range for a quick bump and grind to really start you on your way to scoring.  If you happen to use any extra gear like condoms, lubes or cock rings, be sure to tuck those into the top of stockings or other places away from the heat of cooking.

This can work great on game day with a simple jersey and high heels or a special dinner with black stockings with pearls.  Use your imagination to find your own way to his heart!  The food will wait.  ~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Erotica Games: Tail-Gating Your Man!

  1. Would you believe that I tried this during my last relationship and was shrugged off in favor of playing his X-box 360??

    Granted..there were other issues at hand there anyway. 🙂 But still!

    I LOVE wearing a short, short skirt and no panties when I know that I’ll be climbing stairs in front of my man. Gives him a chance to not only enjoy the view but slide his hand(s) upwards and enjoy the wetness that has collected there — because I’ve been thinking about him doing the exact thing all day. 🙂

    Who needs cotton candy at a game when my guy can just lick his own fingers? hee…hee..hee..

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