Short Sex Joke, Humor Me

female erotica, literotica, sex blogs, sexOnly have a few minutes to jot a few lines of sexual humor for today.  You see, I submitted SexyWhispers to a blog directory because, well…honestly, it is like My Favorite Pink Pussy said to me once.  It’s about growing the number of fabulous women in our community.  Yes….the *cathouse* is very big!

Side note:  I have been approached about not referring to our little community of sexy women as a *cathouse* because of its blatant sexual overtones toward prostitution. Response?  “Grow up….life is too short to be so sexually inhibited.  And, if you are going to find something that I say offensive, there is so much more to find offensive here than that! ” (laughing)

On with the show!  So, I received a short and very curt note from the directory telling me that the writings on SexyWhispers did not represent good wholesome family materials.  What?  I was shocked!  Amazed!  Ok…amused so much I giggled like a girl.  Obviously, they don’t watch this show often because on my good days, I am rated R.  On my great days, I sail right through to rated X, Y, and Z!!

The joke is two fold:

  • I am not trying to write for the whole family.  And, usually, everyone in a family does not read the same material.  Makes sense right, little Sally is not reading Dad’s copy of Playboy!  (we assume)  Junior is probably not so interested in Ladies Home Journals article on the “Top 10 Ways to Remove a Grass Stain.”  But, hell….neither am I!!
  • I only know of one way that families form….sex.  Even in the cases of homosexual couples who adopt a baby, there was sex in involved on someone’s part.  Of course, there is that who turkey baster method, but I would risk my street rep to say that 99.99% of the time, this is how maternity wards get customers. 

If you are reading this, then the joke is on you, me, and all the occupants of the *cathouse.* But really, the joke is on them because we have built a family here of people who accept others just as they are and invite them to bring (and share!) their sexuality with them because we used sex to form this family….just like everyone else in the world!

Opps…now I need to run off and finish contemplating the reason men love conditionally.  Get ready ladies….this should be fun!  Hugs to “My Favorite Martian” (not surprised…Marines and bravery…yummy yummy yummy!) for being man enough to suggest the topic and want to hear what real women have to say!! ~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Short Sex Joke, Humor Me

  1. It always surprises me when people draw such definitive lines. Strange. As if life and sex and the whole messy business wasn’t a continuum? Whatever. I happen to love the cathouse! 😉

  2. ha..ha..ha…. obviously, if someone is “offended” by your using the term Cathouse about your stable of adoring, sexually strong women…then perhaps they don’t actually belong in the cathouse with the rest of us.

    After all…we can smell fear and we despise sexual weakness and will eventually start to circle like a pack of lust hungry she devils. hee..hee..hee..

    So the lesson learned here, to live in the Cathouse is: Grow up or get the hell out.

    That is… as long as you say so…Dee..after all.. you are the Madame of the home.. hee..hee..hee… 🙂

  3. Kitty–Agreed completely. If you are going to play with the big girls, you cant worry if you see a little T and A (My Favorite Scorpio asked me what that meant the other day–“tits and ass” for all of you not hip to my slangish nature!). If someone finds themself uncomfortable here, then I suggest they examine why they continue to read what offends them. My guess? They really want to be here too!

    One slight correction though…we are all equal in the *cathouse.* We pay the rent with our involvement and invest our honesty to the greater good of the empowerment of the women here! Welcome one and all…the fear lasts a second, but the freedom lasts a lifetime!!~~Dee

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