Erotica Games: This is why I’m Hot!

female erotica, literotica, sex, sex blogsWhat I have noticed in the last few weeks is that when women start to tell me things like “I don’t feel sexy” or “my sexiness is gone” it is usually following an episode with a man.  We always believe that men gauge their sexual prowess on their effects on women.  But here’s a newsflash:  Women do the same thing!  For some reason, women base their sexiness and sexuality on their relationship with a man.

SexyWhispers Question:  What about your relationship with yourself?

If you are wondering if this is another chat about masturbation and self love, the answer is yes and no.  The reality is that, IMHO, when men suffer from sexual crisis, their sexuality is not diminished on a personal level.  Women, however, internalize the emotional effects of life into sexual faults that start to eat away at their confidence and strength of self assurance.  Say it with me…”Confidence is sexy!”  So, in this case, self love may mean masturbation, but it really means something much deeper.  How do you feel about yourself as a sexual woman?

This week’s issue of Erotica Games will be based around things women can do to make themselves feel sexy without a partner because I honestly believe that you have to love yourself first. 

A few suggestions for sexual self confidence:

  • New nail polish or lip gloss.  Make it something you would never wear but have always wanted to try!  If you have never worn fire engine, too slutty for words lipstick and you have always wanted to try it, then pick that one.  If you have always wanted to try a nail polish that is bright pink coral for your toe nails, do it!
  • Vamp your hair.  Grab your favorite hair products….gels, curling iron, glitter spray…and do your hair.  If you are feeling bold and think you need a change, then try a new hair color.  Add some highlights…just make some changes.
  • New Toys.  Go to your local sex toy shop or get online to look around.  Looking through all of the new sex toys gets your mind pumping about ways you can stroke yourself into an orgasmic.  Enjoy your time and take it slow…let your imagination work.
  • Love to Read.  Immerse yourself in the sexy world of Literotica.  Read or listen to some sexy female erotica with those sweaty, grunting details to start your mental and physical juices flowing. 
  • Bump and Grind.  Whether you find yourself some sexy music to fine tune your masturbation techniques or dance around the house in the naked, get your groove on by bumping and grinding to the music.
  • Pretty Panties Power.  Never underestimate the power of new panties.  They don’t need to be expensive, but pretty new panties with some lace or patterns in satin or something silky will go along way toward making you feel sexy again.

Each woman must understand that her own self esteem and sexual identity is her key to her sexual satisfaction.  I know its cliché, but it is true:  You have to love yourself to be able to love (or sexually interact) with another person.  Plus, when you take control of your own sexuality and know how to make yourself feel sexy, then you own your sexuality and it can never be taken from you because “This is WHY you’re HOT!”  ~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Erotica Games: This is why I’m Hot!

  1. I agree with you there. It’s funny though, I don’t even bother touching myself – let alone anyone else …and I don’t miss it. I use to be super sexual. Now? Not a trace is there…
    I wish I could figure out why – but am exhausted thinking about it.

  2. I’ve noticed, at least around the blogosphere, many more women seem to just be giving up finding their sexuality. And it’s not just them thinking they’re not sexy; it’s them just not wanting to deal with sex or sexuality on any level.

  3. Mars-I do agree. I see this working everywhere. But, I am not ready to give up at all. It easier to give up and consider that it does not exist. Yes, sexuality has a degree of work to it. You must go after, find, and accept what is there. You must examine yourself on a very deep level. Its not easy. But, that is why I am here. That is why I have gathered women here. Because its easier to struggle in a group than alone.~~Dee

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