Sexual Thankfulness

On this day of Thankfulness, a few things I am thankful for:female erotica, sex blogs, literotica, sex

  • God: For most it would seem out of place to speak of God on a sex blog, but the Lord made sex.  And, as I have approached this effort as a child needing direction, He has blessed me with the opportunity to meet some amazing people.
  • The Marine: A man who understands my need to breathe and live sexually free.  More than, he supports my need to be this person before the world and stands next to me proudly with hands linked.
  • My Favorite Scorpio:  A man of strength who encourages my dreams, even when they are sexually oriented, by instilling the courage and empowerment in me to fight for what I want in my life.  Just as I want it.
  • My Family:  Odd group though we are, we truly belong to each other by the connection of blood and the sense of humor of God.  We may scrap among ourselves, but we are a team in the face of the world.
  • My Blog Posse (including the men who we are making honorary women!):  In the four short months since I typed my first word on MissMs blog, I have found a group of people who share my feelings while challenging me to think, grow, and seek deeper.
  • Special shout out to all of the Ladies of our virtual *Cathouse* (you know who you are): You make my existence here a pleasure and a privilege.
  • You: For all those who read the simple words and ramblings here at SexyWhispers, thank you.

Prayers of love, peace, and sexual freedom for you all.  ~~Dee

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