A Body for Sex

female erotica literotica sex rape“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”—Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I looked around the blogosphere for signs that someone else was outranged.  I mean, our government did not seem so bothered.  They are in every Americans sexual business around the country.  Our government leaders rush willingly into “backward” countries and show everyone the American example.  If you are going to email me about the troops or our soldiers fighting in other countries and our responsibility to support the troops, save your time.  I am bleed red, white, and blue with yellow ribbons around the fence posts and flags (four to be exact!) out on deck.  I gave up the first year of my married life to support The Marine in his tour of duty in the Iraq War.  We are more American than the thousands of people silently disagreeing with the war from the background while refusing to vote or write a letter to change a situation. 

And…the right of free speech is the right of every human being.  But, what bothered me so much is that, in a place where words are freely given about the new techno gadget or the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, why did no one speak about the complete outrage of a young girl in Saudi Arabia getting 200 lashes for provoking a gang rape (you can provoke a gang rape?!?!) by 7 men?  If you are asking why was the victim, a 19 year old girl, punished with 200 lashes, then you will be completely relieved to know that her original punishment for the heinous crime of “being alone with men that were not a relative” was only 90 lashes.  Her penalty for this heinous offense was increased to 200 lashes after she spoke out against her own punishment for the rape.

This story gave me such sadness in my heart to think that anyone on the face of the planet would punish a woman for being raped.  But, the anger involved comes from another place.  Having interacted with women in a rape crisis center, it destroys my soul that there is a 19 year old girl in that misogynist, egotistical society being lashed for being raped.  And, here in the comforts of our ideal American society, we have been silent.  We agree that torture is wrong.  We agree that starvation is wrong.  But, we can not commit to the understanding that destroying a young girl’s sexuality in a violent gang rape and blaming her for it is wrong?

A few points of recognition about Rape:

  • Rape is NOT about sex.  Rape is about power, violence, fear, and disgrace.  These men were able to rape this crime this young girl because they saw her as less than human and not worthy of respect. 
  • Rape is NOT something that is deserved under any circumstances.  Sexual assault is never deserved.  That means it does not matter what a woman wears, thinks, or does, no one has the right to sexually assault her.  Her person belongs to her.
  • Rape is NOT prosecuted strongly enough.  Rape leaves a trail of destruction of “what ifs” and “whys” that last into every future relationship.  For this young girl, the price of this rape will not be cheap.  I can think of a few suggestions for the prosecution of rape that include rusty nails and a large man named “Bubba” who enjoys his work (southern girl!), but a few months in jail does not cover the debt. 

If you want three things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving: 

  • You are not in the Middle East.
  • You are not a woman in the Middle East.
  • You are not a woman who has been raped in the Middle East.

What I am wondering is in this place where words are powerful, where are the voices?  Our government does not want to get involved in how others govern their people.  Understandable…they are not doing so much on the home front.  But, to allow a young girl to be publically whipped for being raped rapes her yet another time.  And everyone who sits back silently to watch the show…helps.  ~~Dee

8 thoughts on “A Body for Sex

  1. I don’t have much to say about this that isn’t full of hate and rage except that I feel for that girl because she’ll never get to be her own person again. Fear and shame will forever taint her heart and no one should ever have to be exposed to that.

  2. Mars–You said that very well. It seems that after effects of public scorn and the physical beating at the hands of the body of government that is supposed to protect her….well, that is beyond my believe.~~Dee

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