Sexy Secret Mojo

female erotica sexThere is a common misconception around Sex Goddesses of all types, ages, shapes, and sizes.   The horrible myth is that we were born with or blessed with the great sexy mojo that we possess.  Somehow, women seem to think that I, and all women comfortable with their sexuality, never have to struggle to feel sexy.  For some reason, it is a myth of the first order that we slide out of bed in the morning perky as a porn queens feeling all sexy and ready to sex up any man in the house. 

Nope…the sexy secret mojo don’t roll like that.

Many of my girls around the blogosphere have said that they “don’t feel sexy” or are “giving up men” for awhile because they have forgotten where their libido is hidden.  While one issue can surely lead to the other, I was not at all surprised to start to hear the rumblings of dissention instead of the outbursts of orgasms.  Did I not hook you up with the Orgasm Factor so you could start looking for the self love of masturabation that would keep your sexuality humming like a well lubed vibrator with fresh rechargeable batteries??

The reality is that there are several times when all women start to feel not so sexy.  This is one of those times.  With the onset of holidays, winter, and shorter days, nothing will feel sexy without work.  Our bodies are covered in sweaters and heavy clothes. Makes us feel over weight and heavy.  Yeah…so sexy.  The holidays bring on stress, binge eating, and warm feelings of getting older.  The shorter days give us less exposure to real sunlight.  In short, time is against us here.

But, what I want to say loud and clear here…right now…is that no woman in the world feels sexy everyday.  Every woman has those mornings when she wakes up and feels the strains of depression and chocolate chip ice cream calling her name!  PJs and a bottle of wine can seem like your best friend when make up and washing your hair seem like too much trouble.  These are the days when your favorite pair of sweats is “just you” and wearing them to buy groceries seems like a good idea.  (Been here recently?)

For most women, even with a strong sense of self-esteem and confidence, it is about seeing inside of our soul and finding that sexy woman—fueled with the gift of her sexy secret mojo—waiting to come out.  My favorite trick is to make myself groom and preen like I am going man hunting.  Bubble bath, nail polish, grooming the girl (you know what I mean!), and my prettiest, sexiest lingerie.  Add in some candles and my favorite music.  Usually, about this time, The Marine comes into the room, admires my work, and says, “For me?”  I smile and say…“Maybe, if you are good boy and deserve me” with a coy smile.

What I know is…it is not for him…it is for me.  For all women out there, I give you the knowledge and the power of my sexy secret mojo.  Use your power for good!  ~~Dee

12 thoughts on “Sexy Secret Mojo

  1. Dee, great post. And useful for a man, too. A good man might see this trend away from the sexy secret mojo and might be able to help coax it back through his behavior with extra attention, compliments, favors, etc.

    The attention helps to overcome the affects you describe, and it always helps inwardly when someone notices outwardly. “Use your power for good!” Classic.

  2. Welcome Simple Mindz!–I dont believe that. Sexy does not go away with age. Some of the sexiest women I have ever met are twice my age. I am inspired to know it can last.

    Mar–I am always for male participation and coaxing!! (smile) I do agree, but I really want women to realize that with or without a man, we are sexual powerhouses by virtue of our own strength!~~Dee

  3. You are oh so right…and yet, I’m just not feelin’ it. I just realized it’s been about six months since my last “encounter” and I don’t seem to miss it at all. I’m a bit stressed and tired though. I’ll blame that.

  4. Well, I was also thinking that it’s because I “might be” going through pre menopause. Or it is because I have so much anger and disappointment directed towards my “bf” that it is blocking me…

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