Erotica Games: Sexy Water Sports

female erotica literotica sex sex blogsAnyone who has been watching this space at all knows that I ♥ sports!  Football and hockey….mmm…yes please!  There is something I ♥ more: sex.  Anyone following this blog on a regular basis knows that Erotica Games celebrates sex games to feed self love or rev up a relationship.  The mere pleasure of warm water makes most women melt like chocolate in pools of orgasmic passions.  Welcome to the wonderful world of warm water. 

A few minutes of self satisfaction using those fingers of liquid pulsation:

♂ Massage your senses.  Run a hot bath surrounded by candles.  Add in some bath salts or bubble bath.  Put on the music that makes you feel sexy or some female erotica that will spur your sexual fantasies.  Keep something tempting for your taste buds near like chocolate or a sweet wine.  By adding in something to engage all of your senses, you will be able to completely relax and open up to the experience.

♂ Self Massage.  Gather up your favorite liquid soap and put a little into you hands.  Let your hands wonder over your heated skin to stroke your breasts, neck, shoulders, hips…keep moving down.  Close your eyes and let your hands slide over your body.  You know what you like to feel…enjoy it.  If you love your feet massaged, you have the perfect hands to do it.  Play with your own body…literally.

♂ Shower Massage.  There is a reason that the setting on your shower head is called “massage.”  Lay back in your warm bath and turn the shower head over to your favorite setting.  You may have to adjust to make sure you get the right settling, but start off by using the good vibrations on our stomach (right above your hairline) with a little harder pulse and move downward to give pulsating love to your clit with a little lighter spray of satisfaction. 

Note of Play:  Finish up with a nice lotion or body crème to sooth your sizzling orgasmic nerves and get you ready for fresh fantasies.

Ways to heat up the water by stirring in a partner:

♂♀ The Electric Slide.  Say it with me…”Liquid Soap is our friend!”  One thing to remember when sharing your shower fun with a partner is to pick a fragrance that says yummy to both of you.  While lilacs might be your favorite scent, that would be completely distracting to a man.  I usually use a generic scent like strawberry, coconut, or cool cucumber.  It smells sexy without being gender specific.  First, wet your body and stand back away from your partner.  Let him watch you soap yourself…. slowly…because as you turn yourself on, you will turn him on.  (Men are visual.)  When your nipples are about to burst to be touched, step toward him and soap his body with yours!  Don’t use your hands at all…rub your body against his by sliding along his and watch the sparks fly.

♂♀ Erotic Masturbation.  Take this opportunity to give your partner special love for his maleness.  Again, with some liquid soap rubbed into a lather by soaping your own body, use your hands to massage his manhood.  Slowly stroke his erection and the boys in circular motions.  Practice your masturbation techniques in this best of all worlds…soapy and wet.  Now, give him the soap and let him work.  (If you don’t masturbate each other….consider it.  This is shared self love that kicks fire into sex because you are focused on the others person pleasure and sizzling from the energy of their orgasms.)

Word to the wise:  Keep soap away from the opening of head of his penis.  Soap will burn like hell and completely kill the mood.  Don’t ask how I know….but I love you all enough to share!  Nuf said….

♂♀ This is Why I’m Hot.  Grab the shower head and tell him that you are thinking of a place you want touched on your body.  He can only use his mouth.  When he is close, use the warm water.  When he is not close enough, use the cold water to help him find the way.  As he finds the right place, change your mind and relocate the place! (evil grin…did I say that?)

Enjoy the sexy water works and feel free to leave your own tip of what works in the water.  Let the games begin!  ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Erotica Games: Sexy Water Sports

  1. Sadly… Georgia is in one of the worst drought situations ever! Pray for rain for us Dee and if we get lots and the drought is over, I promise to do each and every one of your suggestions. How’s that? hee….hee..hee….

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