Sex like a Man

female erotica, literotica“You know, you think of sex like a man.” 

For any other woman, his simple declaration would have been mildly insulting.  Perhaps, he might have ended up with a swift slap across his face or a drink in his lap.  Of course, knowing me as he does, with his sexy smile that indicated a challenge to take up the topic of discussion, it was more likely he would end up with me in his face or in his lap.

When he gets that sparkle in his eyes as he watches me, my smile matching his across the table, I always want to do or say something that will cause him to absolutely stutter.  And, I can.  You see…that is where this is headed.  I feel powerful when he stutters.  The visual washing across his mind triggered by my words describing the acts of carnal pleasure that I would like to commit with him… (smile)…yes, I can make him stutter.  He knows, when I feel powerful, the sexual animal emerges to stretches her muscles and prowl his being.  Aural sex is a specialty of the house and he eats here often.

“That’s funny…I only know of one man that can keep up with me.  What are the rest doing for fun?”  I am baiting him as I smile back, a potent mixture of confidence and innocence as a lure, to shift the conversation to him.  Want to play?  Yes, I am in…It’s a silent concession of playmates.

In truth, I feel him moving inside of me already in mental masturbations massaging the deepest parts of my womans soul.  A deceptive dance of souls grinding against one another…where bodies do not…tasting, watching, and feeling…expressing need and want…but not touching. No…not touching yet.

“You talk about things oral sex without blushing.  You chat about a favorite sex toy or masturbation like you are discussing a grocery list,” he challenges again using words that will conjure images in my mind.  It works.  My eyes become blurry from the overwhelming visuals of licking drops of water from his pink skin softly scented with his soap after a shower.  His words are delicate, but the visuals are vicious and demanding as they run waves of hot sensations from my nipples that are pushing hard against my sweater to the liquid pooling in more private places.

The time is now.  I lean toward him to engage his stare and provide a better view of the menu.  I dare him to break eye contact.

“That’s true.  For instance, right now, I am visualizing the sensation of sucking something sticky and sweet from you…like dark chocolate…except warmer and thicker….so I had time to enjoy the taste of you mingled with the flavor of the sweetness and the saltiness of your body.  It would be slow, so I could roll you around on my tongue… savoring the shape, feel, and thickness of you in my mouth until you moaned with pleasure and begged me for release,” I speak softly to him so he has to lean in to hear me.

“…And…do you…release me?”  His smile is gone and his eyes are completely focused.  I know he has seen this visual before by the way he is breathing.  Stutter for me baby…it makes me feel powerful.

“No,” waiting a heartbeat for the word to bounce back against his brain, “you have four more fingers left for me to enjoy and I have all night.”

It was a compliment.  I think of sex “like a man.”  In reality, the sexiest part of any woman is not only how she thinks of sex, but in how she fuels her soul with passion and pleasure.  I may think of sex “like a man,” but I have the soul of a sexual woman. And, never let it be forgotten that, in nature, women are the hunters.  ~~Dee

7 thoughts on “Sex like a Man

  1. I disagree with him. You think of sex like a woman who is comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. Two things men are rarely comfortable with.

    I completely understand what you mean about the power of aural sex, as I like to make women stutter too. Most of them aren’t comfortable with themselves enough to embrace the thoughts fully within themselves to seek the pleasure that could be.

  2. I’ve had a few women partners who were unabashed lovers – who could talk easily about sex or desire. I’ve used that expression “like a man”, but it’s inaccurate; some men themselves have difficulty with this kind of frank expression.

    Wish I knew how people can develop this skill.

  3. Wow…Am I feeling warm and fuzzy with the man love today or what?? (smile)

    Hitch–Welcome. Love the smile.

    Mars–Making a man stutter can be a strong, sensual experience for any woman. I guess that brings up a discussion topic for men everywhere. Are most men truly comfortable with their sexuality or are they faking it because they believe they should. Mmmmm…..thinking on that! Welcome Mars!

    Tom–I have missed your fuzzy face! I recently asked My Favorite Scorpio over lunch why men felt like they knew everything about sex without reading or asking or experimenting. After all, I argued, “you are not born knowing how to do math or write or drive a car.” They teach sex and sexual practices in other countries where women are treated like cattle. Its odd, women know less about sex here and treated better (overall) than anywhere else in the world. In other places, women know more about sex and are treated like second class citizens. It puzzles.~~Dee

  4. sexy~Of course most men are not truly comfortable with our sexuality. We’re just as vulnerable as women when it comes to such an intimate subject the starts to show the true inner “us.” Why do you think many of us try to hide within the “quantity” without focusing on the “quality?”

    Men fake it so they’ll at least have the chance. What woman wants to hear, “Come to my place, baby, where I’ll be completely inept and leave you unsatisfied, while I get mine within 5 minutes.”

    And to answer the question you asked Tom, we feel this way for a number of reasons. 1) y’all lied and DIDN’T tell us how bad we were; 2) y’all lied and TOLD us how good we were; 3) we think we can truly learn by watching porn; 4) we just don’t care if our claims are true, because by the time you find out we lied, it’s too late.

    Not to shamelessly plug here, but I just posted on my blog about women teaching their men how to push the buttons. I’m a complete advocate for this type of instruction, as it only helps everyone involved.

  5. Men know everything because in our culture, it’s still up to us. I’m generalizing here, and I know things are changing, but we still have to make the first move, and in doing so, are expected to lead the way. So we turn to porn and our imagination in an effort to be creative; women won’t do this because they might appear trashy or trampy or something.

    Yes, I know it’s changing. But there are still a large number of people who still think this way.

    I should point out that with one exception, I have always been the kinkier one in any of my relationships, and I’ve always usually dated more progressive minded women.

  6. Ah! You men have given me something to think about. I guess…in the end…it is as The Marine said: “Well, if women would tell men what they wanted, then they would stand a much better chance of getting it.” So much in that statement. If men could talk to women and women could talk to men, marriage counselors and the local bar would be out of business! I shall think on this and write a long post…cause thats what I do!~~Dee

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