Sexy Me

female erotica, literotica“Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.”

“Don’t you think she is sexy?” the pretty blonde leaned over next to me and whispered into my ear as a shapely woman passed.

“She uses her assets very well,” I said as I turned to meet a confused look.  Clearly she did not understand the difference. 

“She knows what is sexy about herself and uses those things to her best advantage.  It is more than being sexy.  It is a matter of understanding your sexuality,” I continued, trying not to smile at her loss for words.  She nodded…not quite getting the point.

In our internet based, satisfaction on-demand world filtered through images of perfections and ideals, I encounter women everyday that do not understand that being sexy is more than a breast size, highlighted hair, and liposuction thighs.  I am constantly confused by a society that tells adult women it is improper to buy a sex toy, but condones the purchase of breast implants for high school graduation gifts for girls with “self-esteem” issues.  Let me be the first to say that self-esteem issues are not cured by bigger boobs.

Sexy comes from the inside out.  A truly sexy woman will wear sexuality around her like a beautiful coat of confidence brushed to shiny perfection by an absolute knowledge of what makes her sexyWomen who understand and accept their sexuality have long given up the notion that they have to look like a celebrity, supermodel, or porn star to be sexy.  They have focused on the positive aspects of their mental, physical, and psychological being to enhance those things that make them feel good when they look in the mirror.  Moreover, I have noticed that the exceptionally sexy women make other women feel sexy too because they are not threatened by petty jealousy and competition for attention. 

So, from here on out…we start a new workout.  A workout that may be harder than all of the Stairmasters and sit-ups you will ever face.  For this workout, you will have to look in the mirror and focus on all of the sexy things that you love about yourself.  If you are saying, “Dee, there is nothing sexy about me!”  Get over yourself.  Here is where the real honesty will separate the girls from the women!  I have never met a woman yet that did not have something extremely sexy about her…..sometimes, she just did not know it.

The “Sexy Me” Workout:

  • Look in the mirror and tell yourself what is sexy about you.  For example, I think my ass looks great.  Even though I will admit to having a few extra pounds (about 10 lbs to be exact!) and medium sized boobs, my ass is my sexy thing.
  • When you find that sexy thing about yourself, think of ways that you can enhance that sexy thingNote:  Be aware….some of the sexiest things are not physical!   Do you have incredible eyes?  Learn to use them to convey your thoughts.  Is your hair beautiful?  Work it!  Can you use aural sex to make a man cum?  Might have a job for you! (laughing)
  • Repeat as necessary until you are totally fit in mind as to how your body really stands in expressing your sexuality.  Look at yourself from a viewpoint of self acceptance instead of with critical eyes.    Once you change your mindset to see a sexy woman in the mirror, you will see a sexy woman immerge.

It may take several attempts for you to look past those extra pounds or a few “fine lines,” but it is so worth the effort because every woman deserves to feel that strong glow of confidence when she looks into the mirror and meets “sexy me.” ~~Dee

9 thoughts on “Sexy Me

  1. Ah but it’s so much more than the outside… it’s not the mirror, it’s embodying ‘sexy’… BEING… not doing. Try dancing. Put on something sexy, with a hot, rhythmic beat, and move your hips. The world swings on a woman’s hips, and the whole world knows it when she walks by if SHE knows it, too. That’s radiance… from the inside.

  2. This is something that all women need to read, because it’s definitely not about the look as much as it is the attitude. As a man, I’m more apt to think you’re sexy, if you think you are. It exudes confidence and allure as if you’re saying to me, “You’ve got to want me, because I’m just that good.”

    Looks are fleeting, but sexy can be forever.

    Excellent post. Now, can you please tell women how to get out of their own way enough to see their sexy qualities?

  3. Mars–Sexy is a matter of breathing and knowing and feeling. I think that most women never connect with this knowledge because society does not show us that role model (atleast not in a positive light!!). If we examine the cycle, most women can not visualize their mothers as sexual beings. Without that role model (most mothers are a role model for their children–whether good or bad), the image that is given is that women are not sexual beings…esp. after motherhood. I think that men help to build this wall as they feel they are protecting their family and wife as “mother of the children.” So, at some point, the lifespan of woman as wife/sexual being stops and the new person of woman as mother/non-sexual being steps up. Interesting…I think men hate this change as much as women, but as they never think of their mothers as sexual beings …well, the cycle is evident. Well…that is tons more than I thought I would write! (smile)~~Dee

  4. sexy~I agree that society plays a part in a woman’s expression of her sexuality but I think it’s deeper than just the image of a mother (especially today when MILFs are so popular) but I think it’s how we as a society view sex as a whole. It’s dirty, not to be talked about, not to be displayed, it’s to be kept private, etc. It affects men as well, just not on the same level.

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