Sexy Friends

female erotica, literoticaToday is My Favorite Scorpios birthday.  He does not like his birthday.  Oddly, I find most men are like that…dont like their birthdays.  I knew women did not want to grow older, but there seems to be more men surrounding me these days that do not want to discuss age or birthdays.  But, what I want to say here…now…today…in honor of My Favorite Scorpio…is that sexy friends are important to your life.

As with all things, sexuality is a state of mind that does not grow old.  I know that media focuses on the mainstream of 25-40 year old people having sex and enjoying their sexuality.  However, women tend to experiment and engage in their sexuality much later in life.  While the female sexual peak seems to be between 38-45 years old, depending on which source you use, the point is quite obvious.  Women become more comfortable as they grow older and start a whole new sexual life. 

Although media will leave the impression that women over a certain age are not sexy anymore, sexy friends help your mind remain sexy and self aware every day of your life.  In fact, the old cliché that sexy is a state of mind is too true.  I have met a plethora (love that word!) of women in my life.  Some were young and beautiful, but could not understand the sexual woman inside.  Some women were older with experience and had touched sexuality deep within their souls.  The one thing all of the truly sexual women I have ever known have in common is a connection to friends and lovers who are truly comfortable with their sexuality.  By steeping your senses in someone you trust to share and accept your sexuality, you are boosting your confidence and building sexual energy into your life.

When you wrap yourself in sexy energy with people who are encouraging of their own sexuality, you feel stronger.  You see yourself as a sexual woman and that spark stays lit longer when you feed it.  You grow with your sexuality and you become your own sexy friend.

For My Favorite Scorpio…Happy Birthday.  I wish you many more years of mental masturbations, sexy seductions, and passionate pleasures.  ~Dee

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