Erotica Games: Sexy Show and Tell

female erotica, literoticaI spent an exquisite day in the mountains with The Marine.  The leaves were turning an amazing color of golds, oranges, and reds that makes me feel amazed at how nature works.  Like watching natures orgasm.  As we drove into the beautiful Smoky Mountains, we discussed sex.  This is not uncommon.  We discuss sex very often and extremely comfortably.  Like lovers…like friends…like two people who have seen the best and worst of each other.  As is so often, our sexual discussion turns from the verbal masturbations of lovers to the sexy soul searching of understanding of universal issues.

“Well, if women would tell men what they wanted, then they would stand a much better chance of getting it. After all, you don’t have any trouble verbalizing your wants and needs.”  His smile shows the visuals of past pleasures mixed with a stroke of humor.

I can’t deny he is right, but the source of his proclamation comes from the male understanding of sexualityMen accept who they are sexually almost from birth.  And, of course, I spoil him by being outspoken and direct in my expectations.  I have spoken from this soapbox many times about the sexy sparks that fly between partners engaged in the pleasures of aural sex.  I have given guidance on how to talk dirty to a man

What I realized in those few moments of conversation is that he ALMOST had it right.  So many women have said to me that they can not bring themselves to tell a man what they want.  In those few enlightening moments, I realized that a moan of a woman’s satisfaction is like a scream of praise to a man. And, men, for all their faults and shortcomings (even in the best of them!), are willing to please a woman if it leads to more sexual interactions.   And…there are many many ways to tell a man what you want without a single word!

5 Show and Tell Ways to Lead a Man to Your Sexy Center:

  • Show him the way.  The easiest way I know to get a man to touch you in a certain place is to take his hands in yours and show him how.  You can use words as you go (if you like), but show him the right places to stroke.  When he does well, praise him with your moans and sounds of pleasure.
  • Let him watch.  Men are SO visual.  They love to watch everything.  If you have a favorite toy or a way that you pleasure yourself, then invite him to watch you.  When he sees what gives you pleasure (and who knows better than you…I hope…if not, read the post about sex toys from Thursday), he will imitate those actions to stroke your passions.
  • Play a game of Truth or Dare.  Remember the sex play of your teenage years where you learned the excitement of touching and tasting another person.  Play with him again.  Dare him to rub you the right way.  Ask him the truth of your sexy pleasures and discuss the first thing that rises (ummm…women have erections too—nuf said!).
  • Eat your heart out.  Gather some great food items that are really sexy (chocolate, strawberries, cherries, whip crème) and get to him through his stomach.  Mark the spots that you want attention and let him lick his way to your pleasures.  Be prepared to return the favor!
  • Give him a map.  We all know…men don’t ask for directions, so do what you want him to do to you on his body.  When he moans with pleasure, ask him if he likes that.  When he says “yes”….tell him to show you.  Remember, appreciate his efforts with sexy sounds and purrs of his name (men love their own name during sex!).

As with everything, you have to fine tune the touches.  Men will do exactly as you show them, so be ready to adjust the pressure, parts, and play!  Show him…  ~~Dee

2 thoughts on “Erotica Games: Sexy Show and Tell

  1. SO True! For me the visualization thing has worked very well in the past. I love having a man watch me when I pleasure myself and it works very well in having them find their way thru my sexuality!

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