The Orgasm Factor: Anyone Want To Frolic?

Welcome to the first Friday edition on SexyWhispers of the Orgasm Factor.  This is the place where ladies gather to talk sex and sex toys!

Come on, you know you want to! Frolicking can be fun, especially if you have the right person, sex toy or lube to help! With me, I have no right person and plenty of right sex toys and now I have found the right lube with the Frolic Lubricant For Women! This wondrous lube included an easy-lock pump which would make it great for travel.

I’ve always liked to put a little lube on my fingers just to see what it felt like before I applied it any place else. With a quick whiff I discovered it was unscented which would make it nonirritating for oral sex after sex toy play. Looking at the ingredients, I discovered it was water-based and contained glycerin, anti-bactericidal and anti-fungicidal components. This makes it great for all types of sex toys, including silicone. All sounded great, but how would it hold up to the usage test?

I put on a good movie, applied this super thick lube on the Mister dildo and was ready to rock and roll. It had been a long day and I really wasn’t in a great mood when I started my testing. I had a feeling that for me to get anywhere it was going to take awhile – and I was right. The good news was that this lube stood up to the test – it lasted as long as I needed it to take in order for me to enjoy myself. So on top of everything else, this lube was excellent for long-lasting fun and anal play.

Drawbacks – none. Even though it had glycerin, which usually makes lube sticky, this wasn’t a sticky, tacky mess.

Your own Frolic Lubricant For Women will run you about $14.95 depending where you buy them, such as from Libida ( I will be using this more often!

What about the “O” Factor?

“O” Factor Rating: O O O O O

Look out Liquid Silk you’ve got some competition!

Have a great weekend and remember if you can’t find your sexual groove, no one else will be able to find it either!

If you want to ask Alison a sex toy question, have a sex toy suggestion for her to test or simply have a sex question in general, you can leave a comment or email her at

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