Sex in My Closet

female erotica, literoticaMy closet represents me.  I know it is odd, but that is just my space.  Kind of like the top drawer thing that most men have (not sure what is up with that, but some things you should not examine too closely!)…I have a closet full of stuff.  Its full of stuff that I love and keep to myself.  It is very cluttered and on the messy side, but hey…so am I.  I went into my closet yesterday with the intention of cleaning it up some.  I mean, The Marine went through all of the trouble to build a shoe case in there with little compartments for all of my shoes.  I thought I should order up everything else so it looks better.  I can find stuff easier.  And, The Marine would stop “tsk tsk tsk-ing” me every time he passed by.

I walked into the open arms of my closet.  Immediately, I was welcomed by all of my stuff.  As happens so often when you are very involved with another person, you loose so much of your stuff and replace it with couple stuff.  But…in here…it was MY stuff.  And it felt good.  I sat down on the floor to enjoy the feel and rubbed my bare feet on the carpet that is like new because no one ever walks in there. 

Opening my lingerie drawer, I take out each delicate (ok…and some not too delicate with leather, chains, or vinyl parts) piece that reminds me instantly of an intimate moment with The Marine.  A few intimate moments of caressing the fabrics and enjoying the thoughts as I fold each piece and place it back into the drawer.  All of my big girl toys are in this closet….the erotic materials that buzz with happiness and love as I finger through the box of private pleasures.  Turning to my shoes like a longtime lover, I run fingers of anticipation over the suede and leather in various styles.  Stroking the long heels of my favorite studded stilettos or admiringly adoring the shiny reflection of the thigh high boots, I feel powerful, sexy, and worthy of the name “woman.”  In this private place, I meet myself and I like that person I see.

I am aware of a presence in my private place and I turn to see The Marine standing behind me with a smile on his face.  “Make yourself happy baby…leave it as it is,” as he reaches down to put a hand to my face. 

Yes, my closet represents me.  I like both me and my closet just as we are!  ~~Dee

7 thoughts on “Sex in My Closet

  1. That is so funny, I never thought of it that way. I guess its true. You dont even need to know the person, you can just figure out key components of their personality by just looking at the contents in their closet.

    You are genuis!!! I love you!

  2. My Misstress…if that is an invitation to come and sit in your closet….I am there! (kiss kiss kiss) Its strange because I have always been like this with my closet. As a child, I pull all of my dolls and sleeping stuff in there. I would like to say it was like a camping thing, but it was likely closer to an understanding that I could control everything within those four walls. To a child with alcholoic parents, that is an extreme amount of security!~~Dee

  3. Muah!
    This is your favorite Pink Pussy dropping in to say Hi! (Hi!….*waves*).
    Still overworked and still underf*cked…. but I might have a few things in my closet to help change that last part. hee….hee..hee!

    Missing you bunches!

  4. Miss….careful. I love to be discussed! (wink) Specially if it is juicy. And, true to your Sweet Stroken Scorpio nature…you rocked it completely!

    Speaking of Juicy…my favorite Pink Pussy…sounds like we have a closet party going on here. All the ladies come over hear with their closet goodies. We can all go into the closet and drink and talk about sex and show off our toys.

    If you are wondering if my closet is big enough for that…its my blog. On my blog, all the closets are huge, walk ins!~~Dee

  5. Dee this is where you kick my ass. I have yet to find a toy worthy of a worship. None appeal me. I would almost rather go without than with one. Wanna teach me a lesson or two?

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