Sexy Signage

female erotica, literoticafemale erotica, literoticaI know…I promised that I would give results, but I never can resist a strong Libra lady….and it does not hurt that sparkle  and at what she does as a role model for women everywhere!  So much so, I offered her a room in our virtual house down the hall from MissM, Finn, Princess of the Universe, and DutchBitch.  New offers go to Selena,  Misty, and Jen!  I will bring the margaritas!

So, adding a new category just for her….Libra!

Update to the count on the Sexy Sign Meter is as follows:

Scorpios: 4 (MissM, Jen, Kiki, and My Favorite Scorpio)

Geminis: 4 (Misty, Tom Allen, The Marine, and I)

Aquarius’: 3 (CinnKitty, Selena, Selena’s Man)

Leos: 1 (Finn)

Aries: 1 (Princess of the Universe)

Pisces: 1 (DutchBitch)

Libra: 1  (Life In A Firehouse)

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