Sexy Women

female erotica, literoticaSo, I have recovered from the erotica party!  Wow…too much fun.  Lots of people there were partying in their sexist!  It was as fun to watch as it was to participate.  Danced all night in my black high heel boots…yes yes, my feet were killing by the end of the night and I was so covered in sweat that I had to hang my clothes up when I returned to the hotel, but damn it was incredible to be surrounded by people who believed in their sexuality.  It seems to me, IMHO, that the women were most caught up in the game.  Perhaps it is because of our repressed nature or our catch in society’s reality of the perfect woman, but women were dressed up 3 to 1 at the party.  Do men just come for the show?  It could be because I could see women were freer here in the bump and grind atmosphere where they did not have to be anything except who they really were….sexy women.

Now, I do not have the ideal figure and I know nothing of make-up.  That should translate to that I wear make-up when needed, but I muddle through it.  But, what I think that I do well is accentuate my best parts while throwing away the negative.  I always believe that a woman has to know what makes her sexy.  Once, you know this, it is an easy task to feel sexy because you will use those tools. If you have made it this far and you are thinking: “but, I don’t have anything sexy about me!” refer back to these rule.

  • Rule 1:  Every woman has SOMETHING sexy about her.
  • Rule 2:  Know the difference between CONFIDENCE and ARROGANCE.
  • Rule 3:  Use what is SEXY about you with CONFIDENCE.

An important note:  I am unisex (not to be confused with androgynous).  Although I am completely heterosexual (mmmm….I adore the male form and reactions to sex), but I think that women come on to me as often as men because I am sexually approachable and as accepting of all forms of sexuality as a man.  I am confident about my sexuality and I promote sexuality in others.  Refer to Rule 3 above!

Some fun highlights from the sexy rest of the night:

I walked into the room and the room freaking stops.  A guy in the middle of a group of guys yells across the room “Yeah baby, your ass rocks.”  This is true.  I am owning what I wear and I know it is looking good.  I know this is my ass is my sexy thing.  I look at him, smile, and turn back to The Marine as the guy continues his verbal appreciation… very very loudly…as we move down the bar.  On the third cat call, The Marine looks around me (he means business) and the guy, a little drunk, starts to apologize.  The Marine goes over and shakes his hand.  He says that he agrees that my ass is amazing, but “let’s show our appreciation AND respect to the lady.”  I smile….damn…The Marine has style.

  • As the night goes on, a girl in the bathroom (where I am washing my hands) says that her friend really wants to put her hand on my ass while she takes a picture.  Knock yourself out.  It’s all fun.
  • On the dance floor, a small cute blonde girl starts bumping and grinding against me.  It’s an invitation to dance.  I took her up on it with a smile and wink toward The Marine.  Too much fun and good for a one time experience.  I blew her a kiss as I went back to The Marine….although she was very sexy… was like having strawberry ice cream when you are craving chocolate.
  • Several of the girls climb up on the bar to dance.  Men gather at the bottom (of course) to watch the show.  One tall blonde girl invited me up to join her.  Uh huh….maybe before the 6th rum and coke, but dancing on the bar in high heels and tight leather pants after that many adult beverages is the perfect formula for a header off the bar.  Plus, I like to remember crazy things.
  • I learned that leather chaps make for an excellent place to stuff party favors such as lubricants, flavored condoms, and gels.  About 15 minutes before the judging of the sexiest costume, The Marine leans over to me and says “I think that you have a great chance of winning the contest.  You are the only really sexy woman in this place.”  I smiled at him, moved in for a deep kiss, and tell him that it is time to leave.  When he looks confused, I smile and tell him its time to move on to the private party.

After all, my pants are full of lubs, specialty condoms, and gels…and a want for this man that thinks that I am the sexiest woman in the room in the middle of some fine women. ~~Dee

5 thoughts on “Sexy Women

  1. Finn…(smile)….it was fun! I could go back to the chic in the bathroom to see how her pictures turned out (giggling), but it is a view I dont get too often. Its kinda like the Halloween costumes of girl scouts and nuns with fishnet stockings. I dont evaluate the process too much….only accept the praise!~~Dee

  2. Jen…yes, The Marine is very appreciated! (wink).

    Teri…yes, I think that it is easier when everyone around you is enjoying the same vibe and open to the feeling of sexuality.~~Dee

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