Love for the Ladies

female erotica, literoticaFirst things first! 

I realize that I am SOMETIMES lost in the communications gap.  Gemini… thinking, talking, hearing…. its a mess in my head sometimes.  One of my clients told me today that “sometimes the answer is just yes or no!”  (smile)  So, the answer was no.  But last week, when my Princess stopped by to tell me that she had nominated me for an award, I was more overtaken by the thought she had done so.  I honestly never looked for the award because the thought she had done so was enough for me. My heart swelled and I was all “Tigger-like” all day!  A few family issues last week made even breathing difficult. (Does everyone start raising their parents at a certain age??  Like all the sudden these people can not make intelligent decisions??) Yesterday, I went to her blog, I found the truth.  She had nominated me for a Fabulous Award and it made me smile when I really needed to smile.  My cup runs over…and I am humbled by the experience.  My dear Princess…please forgive my insanity and lateness of love….but I thank you so much for the award and the words of encouragement. 

Next And…

There are so many times when I am amazed at the ladies (I am using that term loosely—not to imply loose women, but….I am open minded) I meet.  I get to meet women that have inspired my belief in women.  When I started this journey a few months ago, I was convinced, because of the women that were physically apart of my existence (to loosely quote my favorite Pink Pussy “Southern Fried Bitches”—even though she received that term as a gift from a friend), that women were a loss on the game board of life.  Not only have you ladies restored my faith, but I start to see in each one of you a piece of fabric of womenWhat we can be with the strength of each other…what we will be with the empowerment of our sexuality….what we should be by the grace of God.

“Life is a banquet and most poor suckers are starving to Death.” ~~Aunt Mame (CinnKitty…I am watching Aunt Mame and thinking of your pretty pink paws now!  I love that movie.)

Each lady I have added to my blogroll, I have interacted with personally.  I have found things that I admire in each one and been dazzled almost to delusion because, as I write, they teach me about myself….and what this little girl wants to be when she grows up. 

Props to my Ladies….I count myself fortunate to be apart of your circle.

BTW….I am writing about Horny Halloween tomorrow after I go and pick up my costume for the Erotica Party!!   Pictures will follow….The Marine wants to be a pirate or Zorro.  I am all ready.  Love Halloween. ~~Dee

9 thoughts on “Love for the Ladies

  1. Let’s face it Dee…. we are a circle of Absolutely Fabulous women!!! 😉

    I give all credit to MissM….I found her and she found me and we seem to have radiated outward and collected other amazing women , like you, Jen, Princess, Pink Knight, Dutch Bitch, Trixie, Mel, PugMom, …see… I could just keep going!

    And our job, of course, is to continue finding fabulous women and bringing them into our circle of friends!


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