Take My Panties…Please!

female erotica, literoticaOne of my favorite things about women is the way that they express frustration and bring change to the world.  I do believe that one person is strong enough to change the world.  More than, one woman can start a revolution that mobilizes women everywhere to make the difference in the world…especially if we are using a mans weaknesses against him!  (evil smile)

A few days ago, while surfing the blogosphere, I came across the post Panties for Peace.  I was intrigued…I have to admit.  The very creative ways that women use to get the world to understand the things that they should already know…well, it makes me proud.  It pleases me to think that women come up with ideas like a BoobieThon to support breast cancer research and Panties for Peace to torture less evolved men who believe that touching a woman’s panties is emasculating.

The Marine told me, with a mischievous grin, that it had always been his experiences that touching women’s panties helped his masculinity grow quite a bit.  Panties, the greatest source of peace in the world…who knew?  And we are spending millions of billions of dollars in a war in Iraq.  I have always said that if women ran this country, then there would be no war!

You know, a million dollars could buy lots of panties and we would still have millions left to devote to healthcare, cancer research, education, children’s / elderly programs, AIDs research, and sex education.  Maybe one day soon…IF there is a woman in the White House…(love to My Favorite Scorpio…cause I know he is not sleeping well with that dream)….one day…..perhaps, we can keep our panties where they belong.  On the kitchen floor! (oh yeah…like you have never had sex on the kitchen floor…right!)~~Dee

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