Sex in the Stars

female erotica, literoticaA few posts back, we started a poll on which sign was the sexiest in the Zodiac.  I am happy naked dancing around the room because the Geminis are gaining ground!  Taking over the sexy Blogosphere!

Update again….10/24/07……we are tied again!

Update to the count on the Sexy Sign Meter is as follows:

Scorpios: 4 (MissM, Jen, Kiki, and My Favorite Scorpio)

Geminis: 4 (Misty, Tom Allen, The Marine, and I)

Aquarius’: 3 (CinnKitty, Selena, Selena’s Man)

Leos: 1 (Finn)

Aries: 1 (Princess of the Universe)

Pisces: 1 (DutchBitch)

5 thoughts on “Sex in the Stars

  1. Arent scorpio’s just awesomly evil? I found another Scorpio. You will LOVE her. Sorry sunshine i have been somewhat MIA lately. But you know that you are my only true “female” love.

  2. Ah Tom…Gemini! Somewhow I must have had radar for that. Wow…its getting crowded in here.

    MissM…Another Scorpio? MMMMM….temptation. And you my sweet Scorpio, have been missed terribly, but absence makes the heart grow fonder. Where as, abstinence makes everyone horny!

  3. Evil Santa….you could easily find a long list of ladies who have been naughty here! (smile) Sex in the Stair? I personally am against rug burns, but with the right positioning….(considering)….

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