Girl Crush

female erotica, literoticaMy world is mentally open…I get to meet lots of women from all walks of life.  It has taught me that the limits are set by each woman according to her wants and needs in life.  This is an incredible thing to me because I am blessed to get to know women on a highly personal level.  And, it is my deepest hope that every woman finds her sexuality and uses it to her best advantage.  In all the roles we play, I hope that we value the role of woman highest because it will feed into all areas of our lives and comfort zones.  When we are more comfortable with ourselves, we can become more comfortable with each other.

“I just wanted to tell you…you are my girl crush,” she beamed at me over lunch today.

I smiled, completely flattered.

“I told your husband that the other day and he stuttered,” she giggled.  Ok…so stuttering men turn me on too!

“He probably just was trying to figure out how he could get in the middle of that action,” The Marine looked uncomfortable.

“Oh no…,” her hand flew to my arm, “he’s not like that.”  Of course not…if he were, I would not have said it. 

“I know,” I said, to relive the stress in her eyes.

This was the ultimate in my world today.  On one side of me, this young beautiful girl was telling me how cool she thought I was (reading material:  She’s So Cool, So Smart, So Beautiful: Must Be a Girl Crush) and The Marine looking like we had just suggested a three way in public on the other side.

See…men think of everything in the linear sexual / non-sexual approach to life.  Yes or no…black or white.  For women, there are many shadows of grey in between.  Naturally, the ideas of “homo-social behaviors are practiced throughout the world.  Interestingly enough, they are strongly practiced and reinforced here too for women.

Women are brought up with a tribal instinct to pair into groups for support of femininity and family.  We have best girlfriends and, to some degree, have created our cliques with each other.  We start off doing it in grade school and it lasts for the rest of our lives.  Whether we  are drawing close our female family members or “Sex in the City” type girl groups for lunches to chat about men, women are tribal. 

Doubt my words?  Look at my blogroll!  Those are my girls and that’s how we roll!

But none the less, the important understanding is that this is not a sexual relationship, but relationships on a much deeper level.  It happens when you see something in someone and identify.  You hear that internal click that says…”I like you on an instinctual level.”  There are people that I like and I know exactly why.  And then, there are people that I like for no reason at all.  What could be more flattering that that?  Being truly liked just because you are who you are!  Yes…Yes…I am blessed. ~~Dee

4 thoughts on “Girl Crush

  1. Selena–Me too. Researchers indicate that sexually this might be the thing that women and men have in common. Girl Crushes. Except for men (and bisexual, homosexual women) it developes sexually.

    Finn, my dearest, I thank you. But in truth, without strong, sexually accepting women like you, this place would not exist. Knowing you is such a pleasure for me.

    Princess…it is a wonderful article and explained the idea very well. I think that it also feeds wonderfully into the idea that women often feel the urge to fight these crushes rather than just accept them for what they are. ~~Dee

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