Natural Orgasms

female erotica, literoticaFor me, rain has always been an engaging experience.  For The Marine and My Favorite Scorpio, there is not so much love for the rain.   What I love most about the rain is that it entangles all of my senses in a drama that….while I am allowed to witness….I am not allowed to participate or control.  The dance goes on with or without me.  I am merely the spectator to the orgasmic interaction between all of the elements swirling around me.  I can taste it…..smell it….feel it…hear it….but I see it on another level.

Sitting out on the deck, I watch the lightening crackle.  Crack…the sky lights up….bang.  The pure power is intoxicating.  The electricity is moving both my body and soul into a new place…reaching deep within me….like a lover experienced in stroking my passions

I email My Favorite Scorpio because I know he hates the rain.  It is brief…like Morse code….meant to say nothing and everything.  “Sitting on the deck watching the storm.  Sorry your day was ruined by the rain, but there will be sunshine tomorrow.”  I have not talked to him today, but I know….like I know my own breathing….he hates the rain.

His reply comes almost instantly.  He chats a little about his day and ends the message with “enjoy the storm.  I’m not.”  I know he is not, but he is smiling because I remembered it and I am smiling because he told me about his day.  The lightening cracks and the light from the laptop disappear as the whole deck lights up with another electric orgasm hurling through the sky.  The power is magnificent and awesome. 

The Marine strolls outside to sit with me.  “I am off work tomorrow at noon.  Anything you want to do?”  I smile….very lost in the moment…wanting to get as far away from responsibility as possible.

“Let’s…” I start slowly, rolling thoughts around in my mind, “go and see a movie.  In the middle of the day….like playing hooky.”  Now he smiles. 

“Like we did in high school?”  He is teasing me.  He knows I was that perfect straight A girl who never did anything wrong.  It caught up quickly when I turned 18!

“Yes…just like we didn’t do,” I smile into the darkness internalizing the energy from the storm.  It’s sexy and it’s empowering.  The Marine reaches over and takes my hand.

“Sounds good,” he says, rubbing his thumb on the inside of my palm. A few heartbeats lost into the movement of the storm as I fight the urge to pull him out into the rain for a few moments of pleasure“Let’s go in…I hate the rain.”

I close the laptop and hand it to him….smiling into the darkness.  If he knew what I knew, we would be on our way to Seattle where it rained year round! ~~Dee

5 thoughts on “Natural Orgasms

  1. I love watching the rain fall, but from inside. Being soaked represents no pleasure to me. Yet there is something very soothing about running water, it’s like everything will be washed away: problems, fears, pain, sadness, everything. I’m glad you enjoyed it : )

  2. And here I thought I was weird in my love of storms… they’re actually SEXY to me… Mr Kitt loves storms by association… he knows he’ll probably be “gettin’ some” when one starts… 😉

  3. Jen–it does symbolically wash everything away. More than, its like the discharge from the thunder takes the negative feelings from my soul.

    Selena–a great storm, a sexy man…and we are both gonna be getting lucky tonight. Its like a primal growl that I can feel roll through my body!

  4. I’m with you Dee… nothing better than sitting on the front porch swing and watching the “Thunder Roll” in. 🙂 I’ve always loved being outside and watching the storms break.

    And yes…it’s very much like sex. It starts with a slight swelling and a hint of moisture. It builds to a crescendo of powerful movement, searing electricity, and outpouring of liquid. It ends with a slow recession, a calming sensation that leaves behind a sense of peace, completeness and satisfaction.

    Yep…I loves me a good storm. 😉

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