Sexy Stars

erotica literoticaOk….I have said it a few times over the months.  I realize that people are really reading when they start make reference to my personality characteristics as part of my natural quirks….like a trademark or sign of my being.  Apparently, some kind folks have noted that I have the tendency to analyze people according to their horoscope sign.  While I could easily contend that it is my bayou upbringing a little to the west of New Orleans, I have always enjoyed seeing if someone matched a specific indicator about their personality.  For example, my mother named me Diana.  As a teenager, when I complained to my father that it was completely silly for me to have been named Diana because, if you look through history at the women named Diana (Princess Diana was a very prominent woman at that time), it was not at all representative of my character.  I wanted to start using my middle name instead, but he would not let me.  He said I would start growing into my name…my character was already there.  He was right.  Diana, the huntress, is the Goddess of chastity and the moon….family, childbirth, and protection of women.  Depicted with a dead stag (representative of a man who she punished for seeing her naked while bathing), I can also be quite cruel to the male population when I feel provoked….and sometimes, perhaps the offense does not fit the crime.  In mythology, Diana had a twin.  I am a Gemini, born under the sign of the Twins, and I am married to a man who is a Gemini.  We are so much the same and so much different…as it is with most twins

Now, if you flip that coin the other way, gazing at the stars, I met MissM about three months ago.  I exchanged one email with her before I asked her what the most invasive question I know:  “Are you a Scorpio?”  Luckily, she did not get that 70s trying to pick you up in a bar spooky feel (actually, she does not seem to be old enough to have been in a bar in the 70s), but she readily responded with “yes, how did you know!”  My answer is now legendary in this blog space:  My friend is a Scorpio (“My Favorite Scorpio”) and I ♥ Scorpios.  Ahhhh….Scorpios:  very passionate, sexual folks with a deep heart and hidden soft side.  Then, of course, I started a new category with Cinn who is a lovely air sign, like me, but an Aquarius.  A true water nymph, she displays the loyalty, generosity of heart, and independent intelligence of her sign.

In short, I don’t believe any of us have the right to say that someone or something else controls who we are or will be.   “I am the master of my fate; I am the Captain of my Soul.”  (William Ernest Henley)  However, as I denoted in previous posts, I believe in patterns.  There is a pattern to sand on the beach.  There is a pattern to stars in the sky.  And…there is a pattern in the souls of human being.  This is what brings us here…to my blog, to the web, or to the world…..just here….to share a common experience.  “Do I contradict myself? Very well, then I contradict myself, I am large, I contain multitudes.”  (Walt Whitman)  Part of my Gemini nature…one side of thought fighting the other side of thought.

So….lets do this thang right shall we??  The count on the Sexy Sign Meter is as follows:

Wanna register your vote for the Sexy Sign Count??  Leave me a comment and we will keep count until the end of the month and reveal the final count on Halloween of which sign is the sexiest! ~~Dee

Wake up Call of the Week:  Today is Blog in Action Day.  That means that we all talk about saving the environment!  I have been to Houston on days when you can’t breath the air outside (there is a warning!) and I live in a place where recycling a can makes you one of those “tree huggers.”  Lets wake up people…do you realize that Al Gore was awarded the Nobel Prize for his work with the environment.  All I could think was “How stupid is that??”  After all, the Nobel Prize has been won by people who have found cures to diseases that saved millions of lives, stopped plagues, and changed the face of whole worlds forever.  Saving the environment should not be something we award a prize for…it should be something we do as a part of saving ourselves!

15 thoughts on “Sexy Stars

  1. Love for the Leos! As those who are loyal and love to reach out to others in need (I believe we have discussed this wonderful quality in you), you are true to your warm Leo-ness that draws people to you! Score one for the Sexy Lioness!

  2. Aquarius here. Married one, too. I have a Scorpio son, as well as a Gemini, Libra and a little Leo. He’s my challenge 🙂

    I used to be married to a Leo, but taking care of his ego got to be a full time job. 😡

  3. Is it weird that EVERY significant male in my life has been a Virgo?? And that every significant girl in my life has been a Pisces? weird.. huh? 😉

    hmmm….and yet… i’m still “alone”… so maybe that should tell me something!

    Oh…and Dee, darling.. don’t forget.. you’ve been tagged… heh..heh..heh…. I’d LOVE to know what you do that might be considered “lame”…because with you.. it ALL seems so delightfully delicious and slightly naughty! 😉

  4. Cinn dearest….odd the patterns huh? Its like there is a woman name (and I wont tell what it is), but historically, I just dont do well with women with that name! Crazy!

    Princess–good to see you again. I am off to correct my horrible mistake at procluding you and My darling Misty from my blogroll. I love rockin women!

    Misty….you sweep in just in time to save my reputation (your Gemini-ness bring us up to the top). Unless…we count each of us as 2–then, we are up to 6! (smile) Welcome back sweetie.

  5. Scorpio…humm…that ties us up again! Unless, I drop back into my previous plan to count each Gemini twice. I love being able to make the rules! (smiling)

    Jen…I love the sex energy that Scorpios throw. It is very powerful. Enjoy it!

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