Smiling at Pussies!

erotica literoticaOk…this will be short because The Marine and I are on our way out to a late night party.  Some dancing…and I LOVE A MAN THAT CAN DANCE.  The years in the Marine Corps made The Marine VERY coordinated in all he does!  (smile)

You know, I was just watching Bill Maher (I do love him because he equal opportunity offender!) and Joy Behar was a guest.  Now, I have probably watched about 2 minutes of The View in all of my life.  I am not so sure that they are really representational my “views” or intelligent women anywhere.  I think they sometimes have inflamed views or have hosts that are purposely explosive to get press.  As I think of it, there is very little female media that I have found that really represent female interests.  If you don’t agree, hip me to what you watch and I will seek it out.  I am probably too into marketing for my own good.  I look for everyone’s bias.

Now….all that said….I heard Joy Behar on Bill Maher and she referred to a political party as “pussies.”  I smiled a little….ok…..I laughed a lot.  She did not apologize.  She did not look embarrassed.  She said it and leaned back in the chair looking comfortable with her declaration.  I loved it.  I absolutely love it when women use their verbal acumens to provide a little muscle. 

Yes yes….lover…..I am on my way!  Gotta go watch The Marine be publically sexy and sweaty.  MMMMMMMMMMM………..~~Dee

5 thoughts on “Smiling at Pussies!

  1. Selena-I plan to give it another shot. Hiliary Clinton is on the View on Monday. That could either be like Bill Clinton playing the sax on Arseno Hall or like the sinking of the Titanic. Too soon to tell, but it should be fun!

    DB!–Good to see you. I will fold a sexy, sweaty Marine up and put him in the mail to you today! One thing to note…Marines are not known for their sensitivitiy and gentleness. Mine was raised by a pack of women, so he is generally the exception to all male rules. Thank God for mothers.~~Dee

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