Erotica Games: Mental Masturbations

erotica literoticaAs with anything that feels good, it’s more than just finding the sweet spot.  It is all about the timing and execution.  Right time and right place make for the perfect pleasure.  Sometimes, the right time and place for the game is in public…in front of the world…especially for a sexy, intelligent woman.

The important part of this game is to find a subject that your man is passionate about and get all of the information you can on that topic.  Be aware…with discretion…he can be your best source.  Listen to him talk about his topic of interest and ask questions.  You don’t need to be an authority to play, but you will need to be able to hold your own because you will be a female in the shark infest waters of men!  And, if executed correctly, you will instantly set yourself apart from the other women in the room at the same time.

Now…here is how this rolls out for me.  Last night, we were at a party.  It was technically (read that word as “close enough”) to Saturday for the talk of college football.  I am quite educated on this subject and share The Marines interest in college football; however, there is a deeper discussion here that separates the women from the girls.  This is the type of information that you are looking for to spring on him in public.  Plus, it should be something that you both agree upon because the will make his very ready to jump in on your side if you start to falter and gives you the set up your team against the others approach.  Men LOVE team sports….remember, competition.

So, we are standing in a group when the conversation turns to college football.  The women start to fade away to their own group to talk about….well, I am not sure really because I usually don’t join them.  Recipes are not in my interest level.  Plus, I tend to make the groups of women uncomfortable with my presence until we have been drinking for awhile and they loosen the hell up.  Anyway, sorry for the general commentary…I am a little close to the experience perhaps!

The men start to talk about who is playing tomorrow and what match ups are best…who is going to win…and generally banging their chest while scratching.  Of course, with repeatable predictability, they start to talk about rankings.  As of now, LSU is at the top of the ranks.  We are a LSU (SEC team) family all the way.  Cal is #2 (Pack 10), so the lines are drawn deeply in the sand.  Not who will win or who will be #1…the conferences are throwing down. 

At the right time, I throw in the statement meant to inflame the group, “Anyone with any intelligence at all realizes that the SEC is far superior to either the PAC 10 or the ACC.”

Silence….The Marine moves closer to my side….everyone starts to talk at once as the focus fall directly on my statement.

“What makes you think so dear,” The Accountant speaks quietly.  I will so enjoy taking him down.

“Well, you can review the stats and see that the SEC turns out better football players.  Their players are drafted into the NFL more often than any other conference.”  Some rumblings…the group settles again.

“Plus, quite honestly, their schedule is more difficult.  It’s nice to play teams that are not ranked because you win.  It is good for business.  But, my measurement is how many great rivalry games are there when both teams enter the field and battle for four quarters playing down to a final finish.  Even the fans are exhausted after the game!”  The men start to interrupt….but I hold up a hand to stop the interference.

“Even the Coaches are more amazing.  I can’t name one or two ACC or PAC10 coaches that are considered legendary.  But, I can easily name you atleast 5 SEC coaches that are well on their way into the Football Hall of Fame.”  Sweet smile.  I let it all sink in.  Let them have the chance to throw a question at my team.  A quick glance at The Marine shows his eyes are glittering and he throws me a wink.

“How, then, do you explain that there are more Heisman trophy candidates, Bowl bids, and top BCS rankings at the beginning of every year for PAC10 teams?” the Car Salesman asks, arms crossed in his ‘gotcha way.’

“Common element that has nothing to do with sports ability:  money!  I mean really…the BCS is like the Electoral College for voters.  Its not about who is the best in any conference.  It is about who will pull in the most money or attendees for their advertisers.  So many biases.   Oh and…. of course….the Heisman is such a curse anyway.  It is absolutely been the kiss of death for Reggie Bush.”  Now, I am going to take a strategic step away and let them watch me walk away.  But, not before I turn to The Marine, smile my pretty girl smile, and say, “Sugar, can I refresh your drink for you?” 

The Marine is beaming as he hands me his glass.  His eyes say it all….promises are there.  His hand comes to my arm, pulls me close to him, and he whispers in my ear, “I want you.”  Smiling, I lean into him, “I know,” and throw a smile at the other men in the group resigned to chatting with the women.  I wonder if they have had enough to drink yet! ~~Dee

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