5 Orgasmic Pleasures

erotica literoticaYesterdays post was a little heavier than I like…(note: I erased the rest of this post  and started over from here because it was getting heavy again).

“Tell me what turns you on…” he said, his look a little more challenging than I like because I know I can’t resist the mental masturbations about to happen here.  I smile.

“Well,…” my eyes evaluating his state of mind.  Playing with me or not?

“No, don’t think about it.  Just tell me….5 things that turn you on,” his smile working my nerves and my sexual senses.

“Ok…,” wanting to close my eyes to visualize the pleasures rolling through my mind.

  • “Licking warm melted chocolate off of the wrapper because I want every ounce of the sweet sugar so badly my nipples ache.”  He smiles, but he’s not playing with me.
  • “Spending three hot, sweaty minutes on the dance floor with a man that has such control of every muscle in his body that my body screams to rub all over him.”  Uh huh.
  • “Calling a man during a meeting or when he is surrounded by people and whispering something completely pornographic in his ear.  I can hear his mind and body respond…even though he can’t.”  Deep, sexy laugh tickles my feminine parts.
  • “Watching his eyes sparkle with anticipation as I dip my fingers down into his martini to pull the cherry out, place it slowly between my lips, suck it a little, and, with a quick move, pull the stem loose as the cherry disappears between my lips.  Then, putting the stem in my mouth, I quickly tie it in a knot, take it out, give it to him with a taunting smile and say ‘you can have my cherry next time’.”  He is sitting forward in his chair his body propped up on two strong arms….his breathing deeper…..no…..he’s not playing with me at all.
  • “A man fearlessly touching me and undressing me with his eyes to show me how sexy I am to him.  A man who is not ashamed to be caught appreciating the swell of my breasts over the top of my lingerie (which I left peaking out just for him) and uses every moment as an invitation to foreplay.  His body language says confident, not arrogant, and promises to fill the night with my pleasures.”  No comment…..his eyes are intense and he is not smiling….and I am not playing with him anymore.

I have won.  Game over.~~Dee

5 thoughts on “5 Orgasmic Pleasures

  1. OMG MissM–how could I have forgotten….YES! There is a cologn that seeps right into my blood stream and hits my sense like a truck!! Makes me want to just jam him against the wall and take every advantage of him that pleases me!

    IC–thank you for coming by and feel so free to join us.

  2. Selena….in truth, the sex and my Gemini nature makes aural pleasures a natural part of my game. And, in his nature….he likes to listen. Part of his fantasy. So, yes. It is a win-win situation.~~Dee

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