Vibrators at 10 o’clock

erotica literoticaDisclosure time….two truths.  First, I do NOT believe in Pavlovian responses.  By that I mean that one happening does not mean another thing must happen…either for the sake of politeness or decorum.  For example, when the phone rings, I don’t necessary need to answer it.  If someone knocks at the door, then I don’t really need to race down the hall to make sure the FedEx guy leaves the package in my little hands.  I know it is unconventional, but the people closest to me know that they can reach me with the merest effort because I would climb over glass on my hands and knees for them.  But I absolutely don’t need to chat with every phone solicitor or nosy neighbor that drops in with a petition for water (something—don’t remember!).  Part of my nature…and it completely goes against my Gemini-ness I realize.

Second, I work very late at night and into the morning.  I have a routine of working until 4 am in the morning and getting some sleep to report to work again around noon.  I sleep so little part because I am epileptic and part because I have tons of nervous energy.  So, five hours is a ton for me.  Knowing this is my schedule, The Marine calls me around 10 am during his morning break to say “good morning” and see how I am doing that day.  This morning, however, I switched up my schedule a little because I was feeling sluggish and decided to workout in the morning.

Around 10 am, the phone rang and the called ID announced that it was a call from The Marine.  I walked over to the phone, pushed the speaker button, and said, “Sugar, I need to put you on hold for a minute while I finish up.”  BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ in the background.

Long pause…then, “If you want me to call back later, I can.  I don’t want to interrupt if you need some extra time.”  BUZZ BUZZ BUZZ continuing.

“Nope…,” I turn it off.  “Just one more second and I am finished.  Doesn’t take long.”  Continued quiet.  “Why don’t you talk to me while I step into the bathroom for a minute to clean up…tell me how your morning is going.”  More silence to the sound of water running through my hands.  I realize something is wrong.

I returned to the phone and picked up the handset.  “What on your mind honey?”  “Well,” he stammered a little, at a loss for words (he is a Gemini also….we are rarely at a loss for words!), “You did not have to pick up the phone if you were having some personal time.  I feel badly because you had to stop what you were doing.”  Ok… confusion…with some light starting to dawn on the horizon and I am starting to enjoy the conversation.  “Great to hear….what do you think I was doing?”   “You know,” his breathing getting deeper, “enjoying some quality time with yourself.”

I am trying not to giggle….really really.  It’s too cute.  “Let me get the right end of this.  You think that I am pleasuring myself when you call and you don’t kick in a little extra love with some phone sex?” 

“I am in the middle of an office dear..,” realization coming into his voice.  “Wait, what were you doing then?”

“I was brushing my teeth, but I love where your mind was at!”  He’ll call back!~~Dee

5 thoughts on “Vibrators at 10 o’clock

  1. ROFLMAO!!!!!! bwa…ha..ha.ha…. 🙂 Oh…that is great. Absolutely great! Man…. I need to get me one of those electric toothbrushes..hee..hee..hee..

    Soooo…I love the “if you thought I was pleasuring myself why didn’t you give me a little phone sex?” bit… I think I actually *saw* The Marine blush! ha..ha.ha..

    Plus… ummmmm….if I’m in the middle of pleasuring myself – whether alone or with someone — I don’t answer the phone.

    I don’t care if you are calling me to tell me my house is on fire….

    I want to finish the job at hand (pun intended) and unless the flames are actually starting to lick up onto the bed…I’ll be screaming “Don’t stop till I’m done!” ha…ha..ha…

    Thanks Dee…I needed a good laugh first thing this morning. heh..heh.. yeah… I crawled out of bed at 9:30’ish…I LOVE vacation time! So does my kitty. She’s currently curled up in my lap and puuuurrrring her little mind out! 🙂

  2. Kitty–True True. You know, that man is a care taker. By that, I mean he does stuff like buys brushes for my toothbush and the laundry (he does his share of the chores–being raised by women is such a good thing!). His toothbrush is exactly like mine….and he never thought!

    Plus, he should know I AM NOT touching that phone during fun time. As for the fire, well now….we have a fire fighter in the house dont we?? Dont bother me unless the “instrument of pleasure” is on fire!

    Tom…very surreal. It happens sometimes when people who are close enough to finish each others sentences dont stop to make sure they have the same topic! (laughing)

    Selena Dear….welcome back!~~Dee

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