Lovers of Men

erotica literoticaAlthough I tend to write about and support women in all endeavors, this should be in no way interpreted to mean that I do not have an immense respect and love for the men of the world.  Admittedly, I expect tons out of a man and what I love about men is usually the things that I like about strong women.  So, I feel comfortable that there is not hypocrisy or a dichotomy at work here.  As I have said before, men are not responsible for any woman lacking the courage to take control of her sexuality.

But, this morning, for once, my focus is not women.  My focus is the men in our lives that make us stronger.  These are the men that:

  • Comfort and support us in vulnerable times without making us weak.
  • Celebrate our sexuality and sex with us as the sweetest of playmates without exploiting or degrading us.
  • Listen to our thoughts and dreams with a sparkling hope of empowerment that makes us believe in what is possible.
  • Step up to make us laugh when needed and offer a shoulder for tears when necessary.
  • Stand in front of us when the wind blows and behind us when the world collapses.
  • Engage with relish in playful arguments and banter with high respect for the sharp wit of an intelligent woman.

CinnKitty, her soul so good and pure, said to me that she wanted to honor an incredible person in her life:  her best friend who is “man doesn’t get the recognition he deserves.”  She was referring to his touching post:  Let’s get personal for a second.  I was inspired by his post…and her heart.  CinnKitty, you have chosen your friend well as I am sure that he, like me, feels fortunate for your presence.

As I also have two amazing men in my life, The Marine and My Favorite Scorpio, I will say that I understand completely.  Men, such as these, make women everywhere stronger by doing more than just accepting who they are…they inspire us to be more than we thought possible and enjoy the person we create.  Thank you to all. ~~Dee

6 thoughts on “Lovers of Men

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Dee!! For showing some bloggy love to my best friend !!

    He has his faults just like the rest of us, but he really is a great guy. As a two time survivor of testicular cancer (the last bout he went through without letting hardly any of his friends know because he didn’t want to concern them!!!) he is one of the strongest people I know!

    Mucho smoocho’s!! xoxoxo

  2. Ah…my FFS (Favorite Female Scorpio)! A high compliment indeed. Please feel free to take a room here at my blog. CinnKitty and MissM both have rooms down the hall. This house is big and I welcome all strong, intelligent women.

    And…BTW…thank you for the job you do. As a fire fighter and as a woman. Without incredible women who fight through a mans world, none of us would have a place.~~Dee

  3. Oh…yea DM!! I loves me a Detail Medic. She ROCKS!!! Strong, kick ass firefighting woman..whoo…hooo ! Even if she *does* have good experiences at the DMV..I can forgive her for that. ha..ha.ha…

    Oh..hey…. cool….LOVE my room in the house Dee. It’s so pretty… and how did you know to stock the nightstand with so many lovely things? Hmmmmm…. I’ve got feathers, and handcuffs, and condoms, and lotions, and oil, and ummmmmm….. okay..I give…what am I supposed to do with the turkey baster????? ha..ha.ha…… 🙂

  4. I am BLUSHING! Gosh darn it… I’m happy to take up a room. Also, MisstressM, Cinn and I would like to cordially invite you to join us next year for our first holiday. Place and time TBD. Start saving your pennies!

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