Whores Are People Too!

literotica female eroticaFirst things first…please let’s get past the word “whores.”  I had a college professor who always said, “If a body of writing is highly offensive, then read it closely.  The writer is trying very hard to get your attention to tell you something important.”  Unfortunately, that was about the most memorable thing about him.

As disclosed very early on, I am a marketer by trade.  So many times, upon telling people that I am in Marketing, they give me a look like they just found the short end of the worm in their apple.  It like I just said I was a Prostitute and asked them if they were interested in a party.  It’s distrusting…and as many commercials as there are in practically every space that we live and breathe, I do understand.  But in truth, I am way more honest than all of that.  It only really affects me in small ways.  For example, I love to watch people just being people.  I can tell things about them by their habits and their consumer practices.  But, you know, that is not my fault.  It’s like re-electing a President who landed our troops in Iraq…it was not surprise when the war continued!  No brainer….no points for being right.

There are times when I am bothered by patterns that I see and I would love to shout those to the world.  For example, there are three prime time shows (not naming any names: Chuck, Heroes, and Reaper) where the main character is under employed in a large chain store with a tyrannical boss always tightening the noose around his neck while he struggles to lead an adventurous double life!  If only the world knew….he saved the world today and was back at his window in time to ask if they wanted fries with that triple burger.  It has been said, by many others, that I am a Marketing Goddess.  This is simple truth.  Sex and Marketing are two of my three biggest passions.  So, this pattern tells me that these shows are shooting at an indentified market of 30-something males who feel trapped in their lives and work in chain stores.  Hello…

My hubby always says when I make these observations that we “could just watch TV like normal people.”  Yes, we could.  But sometimes, the marketing so offends me that I cant let it go….if the only person I tell is “The Marine,” then at least I did tell someone.  BTW….my favorite Scorpio calls my hubby “The Marine” like there is only one on the planet and it is him.  They laugh over it when they have had too much to drink….testosterone thing to be sure!  Anyway, in kind, if we are watching a military show and there is one ribbon out of place, “The Marine” is ready to write Washington and organize a march on Hollywood.  But…again…I disgress.

My point is that a few days ago I blogged about Kiki book, The Celestial Sexpots Guide.  Since, I have had several offers to review books or advertise here.  It was correctly pointed out that I did endorse her book when I wrote about it.  As a rule, I will not blatantly plug something without a notice….THIS IS AN AD!  I blogged about her book because it is awesome and applied to what I was writing about.  Remember:  I ♥ Scorpios and one Aquarius (wink).  Plus, damn it….I keep that book on my nightstand.  I enjoy it and wanted to share it with others.  That was not the marketer…that was the woman.  If, for instance, one person blogged on Cheetos and I went into the kitchen to grab a handful of Cheetos (which I seem to keep doing since that time!!), it is not because she put in an ad for Cheetos.  It’s because she, like me, loves those damn little cheesy snacks….be back….got to go to the kitchen and grab the Cheetos.  It for strength….really…..

Ok….back…..(typing with one hand cause I got Cheetos all over the other).  But, what I am ranting on is this.  First, no ads here without a SPECIFIC note this is an ad.  That is because I like the people who visit here enough not to freak them out with ads.  So, if you see me mention something that I love….then rest assured….I do love it.  Second, everyone (women especially) take control of the advertisement you let into your brain.  Watch the shows you see on TV….see all the times someone on Shark mentions or shows a product.  Part of being responsible for yourself is being responsible for your mind.  If you don’t want people to shovel crap into it, then realize that part of being prototyped or stereotyped is not realizing that new Fergie song mentions Taco Bell! 

BTW…just a little marketing news for the ladies….women’s products are changed faster than men’s products to create a buying cycle….this is especially true of the cosmetic industry.  The only giggle I get from that revelation is that the cosmetic industry has found a new audience to approach…MEN! ~~Dee

Thank you to all of those who went over to the BoobieThon and supported our girls (literally and figuratively) in their efforts to fight Breast Cancer.   I have rarely been so pleased to be involved in an effort in my entire life.  Blessing to all who showed boobie love!

One thought on “Whores Are People Too!

  1. Cheeto’s!!!! 😉 Hey.. you type pretty darn well considering that it’s one handed! But then…. you strike me as the kind of woman that can multi-task like no ones business. And well… if I had a hot male Scorpio Marine in my house..I’d probably have a hard time taking at least one hand off of him all the time too… hee…hee….

    Okay wait…. so what you are saying here is that just because you mention something on your blog that you like…whether it’s a book, Cheeto’s, or a really kick ass mascara…that doesn’t mean that you are doing PAID advertising?? What?? You mean you are simply blogging about stuff that you really like and no money is changing hands?

    Wow..that’s just…that’s just… well I was gonna say crazy, but it turns out… that’s what BLOGGING is all about… 😀

    Silly people…. sometimes they just don’t get it.
    If I mention a specific router or firewall I like to use, just because I’m an IT Manager, that doesn’t mean I’m advertising it! (sigh…)

    You go Dee… tell us all about the fun, cool (and sometimes yummy –Cheeto’s!) stuff that you like. Wheeeee……….

    this is the dawning of the age of Aquarius….age of Aquarius…. hee..hee…

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