Erotica Games: Au Natural

Maybe it is my background with the military.  Maybe I have issues with good grooming.  But, I have always equated well kept genital hair with sexy.  I always say that there are three things that a woman does when she is going to get lucky:  shave her legs, paint her toe nails, and get the girl in shape.  But…what most women fail to do is tell their man the same thing.  It has long been an understanded rule that if you want your man to go south of the border to provide some oral pleasures, then the girl must be in a shape that says “come lick my lips.”  Now…what men fail to realize is that women like the same thing….a man with clean shaven male parts triggers something exciting in me that wants to touch (at the very least).

Right about here, most women say to me, “yeah, but how do I get my man to go natural.”  Ok ..we are women.  This really is very easy and it does not take withholding pleasures until it is done.  As a matter of record, short of infidelity (if monogamy is your practice), I never suggest withholding sexual favorsSex is not a weapon that should be used against your partner to get things done.  But, as usual, I digress….

I understand that shaving the 3 musketeers might make most men feel a little uneasy the first time.  But, there is an erotica game here ripe for the opportunity. 

Try this:

The Offer.  Find one of those nice buzzy electric razors that cut hair (not like he uses to shave his face!  Those yank hair out!).   You can usually get this at your local store.

Be prepared.  Although women are in love with things that go buzz in the night, men are new to the feeling of vibration.  He will learn to love it once his mind relaxes.

Beginning.  Start at the base of his penis and work outward.  (IMHO…it works much better if he is hard)

Goal 2.  Make him feel special by touching and caressing his private parts.  This is incredibly important because he will appreciate the extra attention to his maleness.

Gold.  Now, that you have shaved around his penis, the boys are standing in line for attention. Afterwards, he may have to shower up to remove the hair, but that is a great opportunity soap up for some extra innings.

Homerun.  First thing you will notice is that he looks bigger (I noticed about 2 inches longer to be exact!).  Be sure to tell him….“damn you look bigger.”  He will love the compliment. 

Note:  Be very careful if the electric razor has a metal tip.  Those things can get VERY hot with extended use.  You really don’t want to burn anything that you might want to use later!!

Want a little practice time?  Shave yourself first to see how the razor works and get the feel of it in your hands.  This way, you will not worry him with fumbling hands when the time comes.

If you are so inclined to let him return the favor….the fun is on….let the foreplay begin!~~Dee

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2 thoughts on “Erotica Games: Au Natural

  1. Hmmmm….I have a pair of those clippers. Last thing I used them on was my pussy…… that is. hee…hee..hee… . had to shave the kitty. He was a Norwegian Forest Cat and his long, long hair had gotten so matted that he looked like a walking hair ball. 😉

    I’m thinking *THIS* is a much better idea for using those clippers. Now…. I just need to find a man who will agree to let me shave him.

    Oh…..and a suggestion, Dee?? For a Grand Slam…. have some lovely, unscented “for sensitive skin” lotion on hand and rub it into his newly shorn areas, making sure to pay special attention to any parts that are standing at attention. 🙂

    After all…. you want to make sure that your guy doesn’t get razor burn…hee…hee..hee….

  2. Ha! I bet you would have men standing (pun intended) in line to have you shave them. Great idea with some lotion….for the extra lovin care! And I am thinking that the pussy *cat* can use the break.~~Dee

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