Ass Kickin’ Woman Award: Kitty with Claws

Anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows that I ♥ Scorpios.  With all of their sexy nature and charisma that makes you want to lick them, it is not hard for me to understand why my favorite people are Scorpios.  Kiki T., my Astrosexologist (you have to check out her book: The Celestial Sexpot’s Handbook), is a Scorpio.  Her book teaches how use the Zodiac to seduce a man.  I read it all the way back from NYC.  It is a vibrator for the mind!  She is all over the TV in NYC and her Whispers Media podcast (FREE FREE FREE–check it out!) is nuclear!  I love love love knowing her!

As everyone knows…I have a favorite male Scorpio, but recently I gained a favorite female Scorpio.  It should be noted that as a general rule, I don’t usually get along well with women.  They have too much jealousy and insecurity over petty issues.  I have higher standards for women than I do for men.  But, when I met MisstressM, I absolutely found her refreshing and intelligent.  I could see her “Scorpio-ness” shining through and I loved it.  For me, she is accepted just as she is…in her strong moments and in her vulnerable times.  I find we think alike sometimes so much that it is scary to me.  In this, she was the first recipient of my “Ass Kickin Woman Award.”

Earlier in the week, when MisstressM emailed me with the idea of awarding the AKWA to the next woman, it was not a surprise who she named as her successor.  Again, I did not hesitate or stumble because MisstressM was reading my mind.   I had, in fact, spent the last two weeks on CinnKittys blog leaving comments and getting to know her.  When I blogged about football, she returned to my blog to tell me about being the only female in a male fantasy football league.  The more I hung around her blog, the more I liked the person that I saw.  CinnKitty is real…I have seen her be a friend when she helped someone who needed help with their blog.  I have seen her blog about the stuff that means something like the BoobieThon Breast Cancer Research project and…about the second greatest topic in the world: shoes (mmmm….we have to shoe shop and get a foot massage together!  Orgasmic!!). 

To the point, whenever I asked CinnKitty if she would be interested in the AKWA, her return email said that she was shocked because she had only blogged about Cheetos that day.  And that says everything to me.  I am proud to know her because if you watch her interaction with people her sincerity comes straight through.  She is like that best friend that you call when your world is in the trash….or the one that you call because you have just gotten that big promotion.  She is your best cheerleader (wonder if she looks great in one of those little skirts—sorry Cinn….my mind wanders!).  She’s not faking who she is to be liked.  She is standing tall before the world with a “this is who I am, like it or not” attitude.  And, I like it.  My favorite Scorpio says, “If someone shows you who they are, then believe them.”  I believe she is one Ass Kick’ Woman!  CinnKitty, my love…we pass the stilettos on to you!  Wear them with pride.~~Dee

One more thing CinnKitty…..LSU!  LSU!  LSU!  LSU!  Kisses for the Kitty…thank you for making the blogosphere a better place!

You know by now what I am going to say.  If you have not been over to look at my boobies, then shame on you!  If you are a man (or woman interested in boobies), get over there and look at those boobies right now!  If you are a woman (that is not interested in boobies), you can still help.  They take donations…even $10 will help!  “We’re here so that 1 in 8 of us won’t get breast cancer at some point in our lives.  178,480 women will get invasive breast cancer in 2007.  They could be your sister, your daughter, your mother, your friend. Let’s continue to fight for a cure and never ever lose someone we love again.”

7 thoughts on “Ass Kickin’ Woman Award: Kitty with Claws

  1. Whoo..hooo…. chalk one up for the lonely little Aquarius gal in the group! hee..hee..hee…!!! Hey… who ever made the mistake of saying we were a water sign was wru..wruh….wrong! I’m an Air sign baby! And just the like the air…I float, I flitter, I flutter (oh and I *do* sting like a bee) ha..ha.ha….!!!

    Thank you SOOOOO much Dee and MissM. These are some mighty fine stilettos that I must fill in but I’ll do my best.

    mmmmmmm……. shoes!!! Kitty needs a new pair of shoes…. who wants to go shopping? 😉


  2. Oh wait….did someone say SHOES?? I am soooo in….coming over there now.

    I was wearing these great beaded heels the other day at lunch. My favorite Scorpio said that he did not think I could walk in those shoes. Walk, dance…and everything else I can do in those shoes! Of course, I emphasized *everything* and his mind was gone gone gone!~~Dee

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