Foot Fetishes

It may seem quite odd to many people that I work for a Female Erotica company.  As it is the only one that I know, it makes me feel quite unique and feeds my sexual side very well to find out what makes people tick.  But, when you add the consideration that my brother is also in the erotic industry, it seems like the whole family has a slight shift that most people do not consider just right.  For fact of information, my brother does erotic sculpture…of a type.  I think he calls it body casting or body molding.  What it equates to is rubbing plaster on the privatest part of a woman.  When the plaster hardens, he uses the cast to make a beautiful  (and rather life like) replica of her body to hang on the wall.  As my hubby and I walked through his studio for the first time during the 4th of July, my brother described the process of body casting.  Looking at the intimate parts of women I did not even know, I was impressed by the detail and perfection of replication.  Of course, my hubby thinks that smearing plaster on naked women is good work if you can get it (wink), but I had quite another thought.

“Do you know what the biggest fetish is today (as of my last checking anyways!)?”  He looked at me blankly…over his coffee the next morning.  “Ummm…no.  I guess not.”

Foot fetishes,” I stated matter of fact.

“Ok….very interesting.  Why is that a consideration at 6 am in the morning?”

I am smiling at him at this time.  Such a man.  I know I know…if they could think more logically, then  they would be women right??  “Well…if foot fetishes are the number one fetish in the USA right now….and you are producing erotic sculpture, does it not follow that you should offer castings of feet?”

Now, he is sitting forward in his chair.  Looking at me like I was George Bush announcing that we were winning the War in Iraq.  He stood up so quickly that he nearly knocked the chair over.  “Come with me.”  He has always been the leader of our little group of misfits.  As I remember it now, he always got us in trouble!  I watched rather confused as he pulled out his plaster and started to mix a fresh batch.

Pouring the plaster into a small bucket, he looked at me.  “Well….I need to see if it can be done.  Take your shoes off.”  When I repeated this story to my favorite Scorpio, he giggled like a 13 year old girl and nearly fell out of his chair.  He says I always get myself into the weirdest situations.  The second part of this ridiculous-ness happened when my husband wandered into the studio to find me sitting there with my feet in a bucket of plaster.  Standing there smirking, enjoying my coffee that I had left on the table, he said to my brother, “whatever she did, throwing her into the river wont help.”

Yesterday, a package arrived at my front door.  As I opened it, I was a little suspicious because I knew I did not order anything.  In my business, packages that you did not order in brown wrapping could be good news or not!  When all of the unpacking was done, it was a beautiful plaster casting of my feet, with pretty painted toes nails and a delicate little ankle bracelet, mounted on a wooden base.  The card attached said:  “At the feet of the Goddess Diana.”  I personally don’t have a foot fetish or know anyone who does.  But, I have rarely received a gift that was so incredible….and so perfect.  It pleases me on an artistic scale and reminds me of an early morning silly adventure that we shared like two plotting children free of the cares of the world.  Back before we became adults.~~Dee

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