Naked and Exposed

boobs and eroticaIt should be said that part of my understanding of who I am as a woman and how my sexuality operates is that I do not suggest my lifestyle to anyone.  Nor do I judge the lifestyles of others.  I believe that people are what they present themselves to be…even if they are wearing a mask that hides who they truly are…then, they have that right.  The only prohibitions I put on sexuality include children and life threatening behaviors.  Both of these things are OFF LIMITS and fall under the heading of “seek professional help immedately.” Outside of that, adults get to practice their sexuality according to what feels good to them.

All that said, sometimes, I find it necessary…almost like a compulsion…to step outside of my sexual box and do things that adjust my view of life.  I love to have experiences.  Two years ago, I visited my first nudist resort.  It should be said that my brother and sister-in-law are nudist.  So, when we received an invitation for a New Years party, my hubby and I decided to attend.  What I wore was skimpy (or so I thought…until I got there!).  I tried to make my self at home in my own skin enough to be surrounded by hundreds of nudists.  Eat and drink with people so comfortable in their own skin that they talk about the weather or the latest business report without any realization at all that they did not have their clothes.  It is liberating….and strong. The women did not worry about a few vanity pounds or the latest wrinkle crème on the market.  The men were not concerned with a few grey hairs or whose male parts were bigger.  Just people being people.

I have visited so many times since that I know the crowd of people by name.  We get together and party at the clubs.  Have a great time.  I am still wearing clothes (although very very minimal these days) because my brother belongs to this club and we are often there together.  We agree that he keeps minimally covered and so do I.  I know, it’s a hang up—a society imposed dogma—but, it is also a respect issue in my mind.  But, now that I know and have experienced his lifestyle, we interact more like adults now instead of as the childhood siblings we were limited to before.

One great example of this growth in our relationship is represented in a phone call today.  I told him about donating the boobie pictures to the Boobie-Thon.  He laughed and congratulated me on my first nudist experience.  Then, he told all his friends who clapped and whooped their appreciation. 

In short, sometimes when you step outside of your box you find it uncomfortable, but the air is cleaner and the view is better.  Sometimes, you have to fight that initial urge to run back to your box and shut the door.  The irritation fears surface to threaten exposure.  What if people look….stare….point….call you names?  What I have learned is that it is a much better ride in life if you risk exposure to become happy with who you are than if you are one of the millions that sit comfortable inside of a prefabricated box never feeling the freedom of liberation.~Dee

boobieDon’t forget….visit the Boobie-Thon!  Have a look at the best boobies in the Blogosphere guilt free…its for a great cause right??

3 thoughts on “Naked and Exposed

  1. Okay..okay…. I have to admit.. you have me on this one. For some reason… I just can’t get past the whole “they have their naked butts on my nice suede sofa”… thought process.

    ha..ha.ha.. I really don’t think I’m a prude.. seriously…I don’t. I think it’s just the neat freak in me that says “Your naked ass has no business being anywhere near my nice furniture.” ha…ha.ha… *giggles* 😉

  2. **laughing** Ok, I am also very freaky about sharing body fluids! Fair enough. Here is a little known truth though. In public places and when they go into each others homes, they either have a wrap around the lower half or they bring something to sit on. Their community is actually VERY conscious of body fluids. The outside world should pay such attention!~~Dee

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