Zero to Bitch: Without Stopping for the Red Lights

“Otherwise, keep your opinions to yourself until you’ve tried [to] understand this a bit more fully.”—Comment in response to Confessions of a Sex Addict Post

First things first…I can really be a bitch.  I am known as Ninja Bitch.  If you have trouble believing that, then all I can say is thank you very much.  In reality, very little sets off my bitchy side.  I try not to judge people because I don’t want to be judged.  I try not to do anger because it wastes good energy.  I rid myself of painful people with the knowledge that they did not deserve the amazing woman that I am.  Its not conceit.  It is the honest belief that I, like everyone else on the planet, deserve to be treated with respect and dignity.  And, I have always lived with the life motto:  “What angers me controls me.”

Often, it is incorrectly interpreted that because I have such an easy going approach that I am either a complete pushover or without feelings of any kind.  Both are most decidedly incorrect.  More than, there are things that make me so angry that I have to remember that I am dealing with a human being and access a reason for their behavior.  Once such incidence happened two days ago when a well-meaning commenter stopped by to leave me the comment above.  I tried to understand what could provoke such an emotional comment.  I thought to myself that this person must be in pain to react in such a way.  I logically said….you know….it is hard for some people to deal with pain.  The only way they know how is to deal that pain to someone else. 

Ok…I get it.  But, I will make one thing perfectly clear to all who visit.  This will be an open place where EVERYONE…..including myself…..expresses their opinions.  To anyone who is offended.  Leave a comment.  For anyone amused, inspired, or appreciative, leave a comment.  But, right before you tell anyone to keep their opinions to themselves, think again.  All are invited…but none are held captive.  You can leave as quickly as you came here and I promise not to force anyone to come back.  We deal openly with sex, we talk about ways to help others, and…sometimes, we just blog about Cheetos!  (never underestimate the power of Cheetos or Chocolate!!)  But this is my group of girls (occasionally a few men drop by) and I am very proud of them.  Anyone who objects…well, there must be a blog somewhere for small minded, easily controlled robots calling your name.  Please go and find it!~~Dee

PS…Not getting away from the boobie talk!  Two more ladies of special reference joined our efforts to support Boobie-Thon for Breast Cancer Research today.  My love for fronting their girls for the cause of Breast Cancer Research to CinnKitty and Selena Kitt (who is  having a great contest to win her eBook Coming Together For The Cure.  The book is an erotic anthology whose proceeds go to breast cancer research.  To enter, go to her site if you donated boobie pics or money to the Boobie-Thon!). Also, one of my favorite female bloggers (and she knows who she is) whispered in my ear today that she wanted to participate, but she was very shy.  I want her to remember one thing:  She is loved, respected, and appreciated for who she is….not what she does!  Kiss and hug to her just for being her…you are amazing in my book of lovelies.

4 thoughts on “Zero to Bitch: Without Stopping for the Red Lights

  1. hee…hee..hee….. Cheetos!! To eat Crunchy or To eat Poofs…. *that* is the question. 😉

    Hmmmm….the thing about your “commenter” is that they don’t get to tell YOU what to do on your own blog.

    Yes….sometimes you should keep your opinions to yourself. In my case, I understand that TOO well. But that’s because these people are using their opinions to directly affect my life.

    Your post was not pointed at anyone in particular. You were not naming names. You were not pointing fingers. You were simply bringing some information forward that you felt needed to be talked about.

    You get to have your own opinion. And you most certainly get to voice it on your own darn blog.

    You go Dee! Free Speech Rocks! 😀

  2. People are far too sensitive and seem to pass right by the idea of educating others about things they may not understand.

    It’s their loss for missing an opportunity to shed light on a complex subject.

    You have the right attitude, babe. I’m right here with you…

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