Girls on Film

If you are old enough to know that “Girls on Film” is the name of a Duran Duran song, then you are old enough to understand what I am about to say.  As noted in the last blog, I was going to join the hubby in a little picture taking session of my boobies for the Boobie-Thon to aid Breast Cancer Research.  Of course, MisstressM, my absolute favorite female Scorpio (slow, erotic tongue kisses for her), was the first to bring her girls to my game and join me in the exposure! 

Now, it should be said that I have never taken pictures of my girls because I suffer greatly from High School syndrome.   What does that mean?  Well, in High School, I weighted about 100 lbs (very athletic—yeah, one of those girls) and had no boobs at all.  Although I will say proudly that I never stuffed my bra, but that was only because the Kleenex probably would have fallen straight through!!  So, it was a really big step for me to even consider having pictures taken of my boobs.  But, I really do believe that fear is not supposed to make you scared and I wanted really badly to support this cause!  And, if nothing else, it would be fun to drag out all of my lingerie and do a sexy show for the man of the house.  OK, I was full of good reasons and ready to go.

We talked about it all through dinner and he was getting more excited as the time went on.  Man…loves boobs…free show.  Go figure right?  He played photographer…and I….well, you don’t want to hear about our detour into role playing. (smile) I am not at all self-conscious about my figure.  I have semi-private blinds and have spent time at a nudist resort.  I wear tight clothes that show off the boobies ….but…..on film.  Well, we could only hope for the magic of TV.  We took about 10 shots and downloaded them from my digital to my computer.  I needed to crop and resave to their specs.  As each picture came up on the screen, something weird happened.  That was definitely my lingerie (and sometimes the lack of my lingerie—identifiable by the necklace that I always wear), but those were NOT my boobs.  DAMN….those boobies looked good!  When did that happen?

When I called my hubby (the photographer) in to have a look….all excited about my new found cleavage, he looked at me and shook his head.  “I have been telling you that your had the best boobs on the planet for years.”  Yeah, but I thought he was lying because he wanted to get lucky.  The last words I heard from the unimpressed man as he strolled back into the other room was “print me copies.  I want to keep those for….” 

“Yes?  For?”

“Personal use.”  Good enough….photo paper in the printer….he got his wish!  And apparently I did too.  I got a visit from the boobie fairy.~~Dee

Please take a moment to remember the cause.  Every day, many women struggle with Breast Cancer.  If you only go to Boobie-Thon to make a donation (and they do accept outright donations), then please do!  Now…if you would like to see the “Best Boobs on the Planet,” you may see my girls there!

8 thoughts on “Girls on Film

  1. Done…done…..done….now the whole world has seen my girls and their little shiny jewels. I am satisfied now. Only if i had a man to play with them as I slept that would seal the deal

  2. Nice boobi cancer awareness, have you seen the Dr. Susan Love Breast Book? Mystery Mika is having technical difficulties- a sad sad week at the Showgirl School, must be nice to be on the category list

  3. I’m right there with ya ladies! Just submitted my photo AND put up a click to donate link on my site. I’m ALL about supporting Breast Cancer Awareness (well…any cancer awareness actually).

    Thanks for giving so much of your blog over to advertising this Dee.


  4. I did it too! Donated my girls both clothed and unclothed! 🙂

    I’m also running a contest on my blog for anyone else who wants to (or has already!) donated their girls (or whatever else they’re donating!)

    Check it out!

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